Lol Worlds Quarterfinals 2022 Pickem Predictions

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Worlds 2022 has been a spectacle to behold so far for League of Legends fans, but now things are getting serious. The knockout stages are here, and a loss will send a team home, not to be seen until next year.

First up is the Quarterfinals, where 4 best-of-five series will whittle down 8 teams to just 4. Beginning on the 20th of October with JDG vs Rogue, one match a day will send one team home and one to the semis.

With a new stage of Worlds 2022 comes a new round of Pickems too, where you'll have to decide who will make it through to the next round. Here's who we think is likely to make it, and who will more than likely play their last match of Worlds this weekend.

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Quarterfinal 1 - JD Gaming vs Rogue

Rge vs JDG Worlds Pick
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Unfortunately for LEC fans, this Worlds Quarterfinal looks like a done deal coming in. Rogue had a fantastic week one of Groups, going undefeated, but in week two only picked up the one win, and looked much shakier.

JDG on the other hand has looked almost insurmountable. While Damwon did manage to take a game off them, it was close, and JDG was quick to answer back. They look ready to contest the title, and it doesn't seem like Rogue is quite at the same level.

That being said, expect the LEC first seed to put up a decent fight. We expect JDG to take the series 3:1, as Rogue can probably take a game off them with their strong drafting. If they can't find significant advantages there though, expect JDG to slowly run away with the game.

Quarterfinal 2 - RNG vs T1

RNG vs T1 Worlds Pick
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T1 vs RNG is a match with quite some history behind it. The last time the two faced off at Worlds in North America, T1 would take the series 3:1 and have largely had RNG's number since. However, in the MSI final earlier this year, it was RNG who would emerge victorious.

This year, while most fans seem to think T1 are the favourites, we're not sure we agree. RNG had a tough week two of Groups, losing twice to GenG, but they were heavily afflicted with Covid. Just looking at the player cams, it's a wonder that the matches went ahead.

If RNG is back on form, they stand in very good stead to take the series. Regardless of who wins, it will be close, as both teams have looked fantastic at Worlds, and expect whoever wins to advance further still, but RNG are our pick to win on Friday, 3:2.

Quarterfinal 3 - DK vs GenG

DK vs GenG Worlds Pick
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If you're among the 79% of folks who picked GenG to win this series, I have to wonder if you've been watching Damwon at this Worlds this year. Damwon has gone toe to toe with JDG for the whole group stage, while GenG has looked shaky, picking up the first seed arguably because RNG were unwell.

Both teams are excellent in their own right, but the meta favours Damwon here. Canyon is happiest when he can play the carry junglers, and Deokdam is more than happy to play an Aphelios weak side.

Expect this series to be a hard fought one, but in the end, we expect Damwon to take it 3:2. Whoever wins this series, expect to see them in finals, and to be a serious contender for the Summoner's Cup.


Quarterfinal 4 - EDG vs DRX

EDG vs DRX Worlds Pick
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EDG vs DRX is, with no disrespect to either team, perhaps the least consequential Quarterfinal at Worlds 2022. While both teams have shown some great performances, they sit a tier below the other teams that are likely to end up in the semis.

DRX has put on quite a display, and surprised many, with Zeka in particular able to terrorise any mid-laner he has come across so far. Scout though is a different beast, and will not be outdone so easily.

We expect EDG to take the series 3:1, as DRX has had a hard time recovering once they lose momentum. Whoever does win, however, has a serious task ahead, vs DK or GenG in the semifinals.

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