League of Legends Team Heretics sign Jankos to complete LEC 2023 Roster

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LEC Jankos
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LEC offseason this year has been spicy so far, with huge changes coming to all teams in the League. All rosters are now locked headed into the new season, where teams will compete in a revamped format.

Team Heretics is the newest addition to the League, but have many familiar faces signed and will no doubt make quite the impact in their first year. Here's everything you need to know about the new squad for 2023.


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Team Heretics Sign G2 Jankos for LEC 2023

Jankos has been with G2 Esports in the LEC for five years, and was very much synonymous with the team. Together with Caps he had become very much the public face of the team, especially after Carlos's departure.

Following a disappointing Worlds performance though, G2 decided it was time to rebuild the team, and for the upcoming season only Caps and BrokenBlade remain. Jankos was allowed to explore options in other teams.

Jankos LEC

Fortunately, Jankos was able to find a team, and has been added to the Heretics roster, as the final confirmed change of the LEC offseason. Jankos is a mainstay of the region, and his staying will do wonders for the competition level of the league.

Team Heretics LEC 2023 Roster

After building a new roster from the ground up, Heretics team looks like this:

  • Top: Evi
  • Jungle: Jankos
  • Mid: Ruby
  • Bot: Jackspektra
  • Support: Mersa

The addition of Evi, from team DFM in the LJL is a very exciting one for the LEC. Evi's performance at Worlds showed us that he is among some of the best in the game, despite his region's underperforming.


Jackspektra and Mersa have both been retained but in different ways. Jackspektra has been brought up from Heretics' LVP roster, while Mersa has come over from the old Misfits lineup, from whom Heretics aquired their spot.