LoL Preseason 2022 plans revealed - New Dragon changes, Season 12, and plenty more

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League of Legends has had a fantastic 2021 season filled with plenty of changes, and as we approach 2022, the design team has shared plans for the upcoming LoL 2022 preseason ahead of Season 12.

The new season will bring some massive new content including new Dragons, new Mythic and Legendary items, and plenty more.

Table of Contents

Let's dive into what we know is coming so far from the new year!


Champion Balance

Despite persistent complaints from the League of Legends playerbase on things like mobility and complexity creep in champion designs - the design team maintains that new champions don't have overloaded kits.

Despite these very contested opinions, the design team has committed to scaling champion complexity better in 2022, bringing more of a variety in terms of champion kits.

This still does nothing for mobility creep, seen in the sheer amount of dashes and blinks added to League of Legends in the last few years, but it's a start in the right direction for LoL Season 12 and 2022 as a whole.


The new season is also set to introduce a new challenge system to show players progress beyond their rank and their Champion Mastery.

Riot will spread these challenges across different modes, strategies, and gameplays, so this achievement is slightly different from standard ones.

New Mythic Items

  • Tank Mythic Item: this new item will reward aggressive tactics. When the tank applies Crowd Control to an Opponent, all nearby enemies will take more damage for a brief period.
  • Mage Mythic Item: This item will be focusing on an increase in Mage's abilities, providing damage reduction that lasts some seconds after taking a hit. This will allow mages to better survive ganks and a burst-heavy midlane meta.

New Legendary Items

  • Assassin Legendary Item: this item will provide ability haste and reduce Ultimate cooldowns after every elimination.
  • Tank Legendary Item: this item will benefit Tanks with low mana consumption, giving bonus health based on their total mana, also providing a shield when they CC enemies.
  • Mage Legendary Item: This item will grant extra magic penetration against newly shielded enemies to counteract the addition of more shields to the game.

Comebacks: Bounties and Runes

Riot is planning to introduce new ways to open the door for comebacks in League of Legends Season 12.

  • Objective Bounties: Teams will have better chances of recovering from significant disadvantages focusing on obtaining objectives.
    • The value of the Bounties will accumulate as the opponent's lead grows and they are shared from the whole team, not only the champion taking the objective.

In the case of Runes:

  • Glacial Augment will be reworked to improve its ability to slow down enemy champions.
  • The Lethal Tempo will receive changes in attack speed and unique uses in the precision tree.

New Dragons

The next pre-Season will see the rise of two new Dragons, which abilities will be superior to the old Dragons.

  • Hextech Dragon, gives teams increased ability haste and attack speed when they kill it.
    • Attacks will generate a chance that will deal splash damage to enemies around.
    • Creates Hextech Gates that can teleport players to a different location on the map.
  • The Chemtech Drake
    • Gives teams increased damage when they kill it.
    • Transforms players into a zombie state when they die, allowing them to keep fighting and cast abilities for a few seconds
    • Creates camouflage zones in some regions of the map.

Talking about Dragons, League of Legends next patch will introduce new skins to the Dragonmancers Series as well!

Game Modes

Riot will look close to improving Game Modes' rotation as players have requested, but they will keep a few of them.

Instead, they introduce new modes to "amplify champions fantasies" or improve the ones that players like the most.