LoL Anima Squad 2024 Skins Release Date, Champions, & Price

LoL Anima Squad 2024 skins.
Credit: Riot Games

LoL Anima Squad 2024 skins.
Credit: Riot Games

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League of Legends' beloved Anima Squad skin line, which has captivated fans worldwide since its debut in 2022, is making a much-anticipated comeback in 2024! This return brings a truckload of new skins and a brand-new PvE game mode set in the perilous Anima Squad universe.

Anima Squad occurs on a near-future Earth ravaged by a technologically advanced army of deep-sea invaders known as the Primordians. When all seems lost, the Anima Squad bursts into the scene. Here, champions are reimaged as a band of elite fighters wielding retooled Primordian technology and are humanity's last bastion of hope, pushing back against the tide of extinction.

Which LoL Champions will Receive an Anima Squad Skin in 2024?

The official League of Legends X account recently revealed the stunning designs for this year's Anima Squad skins. Each champion transforms into a powerful animal warrior, clad in sleek, high-tech suits.

This year, we not only get a closer look at the Primordians, the ancient alien threat, but we can also meet a brand new champion joining the fight: Aurora, the Battle Bunny!

Here are all the champions set to receive an Anima Squad skin in 2024:

  • Battle Dove Seraphine
  • Battle Bat Xayah
  • Battle Bear Illaoi
  • Battle Bunny Aurora
  • Battle Lion Leona + Prestige
  • Cyber Cat Yuumi + Prestige
  • Battle Wolf Yasuo
  • Primordian Briar
  • Primordian Aatrox
  • Primordian Bel’Veth
  • Primordian Rek’Sai
LoL Swarm key visual.
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Credit: Riot Games

LoL Anima Squad 2024 Skins Price

Aside from Anima Squad Seraphine and Aatrox, all the other Anima Squad skins fall under Epic Skins, priced at the standard 1350 RP each in the League of Legends client's Skin Store once released.

However, for fans of Seraphine and Aatrox, prepare to invest a little more! Their Legendary skins will be priced at 1820 RP each. These premium skins will feature a whole new set of unique animations, voiceovers, and visual effects to truly stand out on the battlefield.

Prestige Cyber Cat Yuumi and Prestige Battle Lion Leona will cost 100 Prestige Points or 2000 event tokens each from this year’s Anime Squad event.

Miss Fortune will also receive a Mythic Variant, called Admiral Battle Bunny Miss Fortune.

LoL Anima Squad 2024 Skins Release Date

The new Anima Squad skins and the accompanying event are scheduled to arrive on July 17, 2024, alongside patch 14.14.

Interested in learning more about the new PvE game mode, Swarm? Check out our "LoL Anima Squad Swarm PvE Event 2024 Explained" guide here, detailing its core gameplay loop, playable champions, mechanics, and more!

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