LoL Ahri Ban Rate Skyrockets In Response to $500 Faker Skin

LoL Hall of Legends Immortalized Legend Ahri.
Credit: Riot Games

LoL Hall of Legends Immortalized Legend Ahri.
Credit: Riot Games

Riot Games' recent launch of the Hall of Legends, a pantheon dedicated to honoring legendary pro players, has sparked a wave of Ahri bans instead of celebration! The release of a special Ahri skin for Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok, commemorating his induction as the first member of the Hall of Legends, has left many fans feeling upset and alienated due to its exorbitant $500 price tag.

Over the past month, the Faker Ahri skin has been met with immense backlash. The steep cost prevents many from joining in the celebration. In response, players express their frustration by banning Ahri whenever possible.

LoL Players Banning Ahri in Protest of $500 Faker Skin

To no one’s surprise, Faker, widely regarded as the greatest League of Legends player of all time, takes the crown as the first inductee to the LoL Esports Hall of Legends. His four World Championship titles and legendary outplays only cement his place as the pinnacle of LoL esports. Known for his unwavering resilience and mastery of gameplay, Faker has undoubtedly inspired millions of fans worldwide.

The announcement of a long-awaited Faker Ahri skin sparked great excitement initially, with many praising the design and concept. But this enthusiasm quickly turned sour when its hefty price tag was revealed. There are two versions of the skin, Risen Legend Ahri and Immortalized Legend Ahri, obtainable only through bundles. The cheapest bundle sits at $40 (5,430RP), and the most expensive one, featuring Immortalized Legend Ahri, soars to a staggering $500 (59,260RP).

Many fans condemned the skin as a "cash grab" that took advantage of Faker's success, arguing that the extravagant price tag has overshadowed the celebratory nature of the Hall of Legends.

This discontent has manifested in the form of a trending movement on social media, #BanAhri. The League of Legends community has rallied together, with Ahri's ban rate seeing a significant surge since the skin's release.

One Reddit user lamented, “Almost every League player loves Faker and we would have loved to own the Ahri skin dedicated to him. Riot putting the full skin behind a $600 paywall is the biggest insult imaginable to us. Riot chose to exploit our love for Faker for their own gain.”

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To rub salt in the wound, the irony isn’t lost on many — Faker, known for playing without skins, receives the most expensive League of Legends skin ever.

Immortalised Legend Ahri
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Credit: Riot Games

Riot developer RiotMeddler defended the Hall of Legends collection, viewing it as a way to celebrate esports legends and cover esports costs through high-priced "collector's edition" offerings. He emphasized that the Hall of Legends offers content at various price points, like the 1950RP battle pass with Risen Legend LeBlanc and other cosmetics, which he considers a "strong core offering" for players who want to participate.

However, many fans remain unconvinced. The exorbitant cost of the Hall of Legends Ahri collection still feels exclusionary, especially for those wanting the Immortalized Legend Ahri skin. Players also question the event pass' value, arguing that if it's meant to be the core celebratory offering, why isn't the highest tier Ahri skin included or obtainable with event tokens? Instead, it's locked behind a flat monetary paywall.

As one fan put it, "The Hall of Fame is supposed to be a celebration of players who have dedicated everything to your game, and instead of the player base being able to celebrate the best players of all time, 99.9% of them are excluded from participating. " While the top tier caters to "whales," the lower tiers are still out of reach for many, which feels wrong when celebrating a beloved player.

The controversy has shifted the perception of the Hall of Fame. Many now view it as a scheme prioritizing “corporate greed” over genuine celebration. Fans feel Riot is exploiting the names of its best players for profit instead of giving back to the community that cherishes these incredible individuals who dedicated themselves to the game.

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