League of Legends 11.23 Skins: New Cafe Cuties Skins Revealed and Arcane Jinx, Caitlyn for free

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The League of Legends 11.23 update may well be headlined by its new skins - with 8 already on the table!

These new LoL 11.23 skins include a new set called Cafe Cuties, as well as two new Arcane skins that will be free for a limited time.

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Release Date

Cafe Cuties and New Arcane skins will be part of the LoL 11.23 update, which will go live on Wednesday, November 17, 2021.

League of Legends servers will go down for maintenance for LoL 11.23 around 6 am EST, with release time expected around 9 am EST.


New Free Arcane Skins

League of Legends is picking up two new Arcane skins in the LoL 11.23 update. Coinciding with the launch of the animated series, these skins will also be free for a limited time!





Besides receiving an Arcane skin, Caitlyn will show new voice lines coming with the League of Legends 11.23 update.


With Arcane Jinx and Caitlyn, LoL players will now have 4 Arcane Skins, counting Arcane Vi and Jayce skins from the previous update.

It seems these skins will be free rewards as part of a celebration event for the Premier of Arcane Animated Show.

In case players miss the opportunity of getting these skins, they will be available for 975 RP afterward as well.

Cafe Cuties Skins

These skins seem to come right out of the pages of Alice in Wonderland with tons of vibrant colors and fun effects.

The Cafe Cuties Series are six Epic Skins for the champions Soraka, Annie, Vladimir, Bard, Gwen, and Sivir.

Players can purchase these skins for 1350 RP each.


Cafe Cuties - Soraka


Cafe Cuties - Annie


Cafe Cuties - Bard


Cafe Cuties - Gwen


Cafe Cuties - Vladimir


Cafe Cuties - Sivir

Just from the looks of these new skins and their effects, we can expect they will be a massive success - so expect to see them plenty in your first games on patch 11.23!

While we wait for these new skins, League of Legends 11.22 is just around the corner.