LATEST - League of Legends 11.22: New skins based on upcoming Arcane series revealed

League of Legends has some huge plans for the 2022 preseason.

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The Netflix show RiotX Arcane is also due to arrive. Needless to say, there's a lot you should probably know.

Latest - Update 11.22 out tomorrow

After tonnes of teases and new information, update 11.22 is finally almost here. You can play it for yourself tomorrow.


We'll update you about everything you need to know as it releases.

Release Date

Arcane skins will be part of LoL 11.22, which goes live on Wednesday, November 3, 2021, just three days before the premiere of Arcane on Netflix.

League of Legends servers will go down for maintenance for LoL 11.22 around 6 am EST, with release time expected around 9 am EST.


Arcane: New League of Legends 11.22 Skins


Arcane is a brand new League of Legends skin series based on the upcoming animated series with the same name.

The trailer started with the story of VI and Jinx being separated. We can also see Jayce, Heimerdinger, and Caitlyn being part of this show.

While Riot have only confirmed the existence of Arcane skins for Jayce and Vi so far, we can expect more coming in LoL 11.22 or shortly after.

All Skins Coming in LoL 11.22

The arcane series is unique, even though they are for selling in PBE for 975 RP. It is most likely players will obtain them as part of an event once they arrive on the original server.

In addition to the ending of the season, players will receive a new victorious skin. The winner for the Season 11 cosmetic is Blitzcrank.

Arcane Vi

Arcane Jayce


Besides receiving a new skin, Jayce will have new visual effects. Jinx will be part also of this mini revamp.

Victorious Blitzcrank

Victorious Skins

There are 10 Champions who previously received a Victorious Skin during the more than ten years of League of Legend history.

Image of Morgana Victorious Skin
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Victorious Morgana October 2014
  • Season 1 - Jarvan IV (2011)
  • Season 2 - Janna(2012)
  • Season 3 - Elise (2013)
  • Season 4 - Morgana (2014)
  • Season 5 - Sivir (2015)
  • Season 6 - Maoki (2016)
  • Season 7 - Graves (2017)
  • Season 8 - Orianna (2018)
  • Season 9 - Aatrox (2019)
  • Season 10 - Lucian (2020)

This year Blitzcrank will extend the legacy with a fantastic new Victorious skin in LoL 11.22, and you don't want to miss it!

Updated - Teamfight Tactics Skins

The chess type League of Legends auto-battle game will release new skins for Jinx, Vi, and Ekko in the League of Legends 11.22 update. Also, new Gizmos and Gadgets Little Legends.