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Likkrit banned from 6 months of competition

Professional Russian League of Legends player and streamer Kirill "Likkrit" Malofeev has been banned from taking part in any official competitive League of Legends after making comments which supposedly criticize the way Riot conducts their business.

A portion of the translated statement from Riot Games RU, which can be viewed here, regarding the situation is as follows:

"On December 1st, 2017, LCL administration became aware that Kirill "Likkrit" Malofeev violated regulations of the Continental League during an Internet broadcast by making statements that offend CIS League of Legends community, discredit the business reputation of Riot Games and create a risk to the image of League Legends and the Continental League.

Malofeev's statements contained profanity that he used to describe League of Legends CIS community, LCL, and actions of Riot Games’ employees."

Riot later provides a link to Likkrit's exact words and, although the player does use a fair amount of cursing and names specific people and teams in his rants, it is clear where Riot's main concern lies.

The content

When Likkrit began his rant on stream, he said that the information he was willing to share was "insider information." 


A lot of criticisms were thrown not just at Riot, but at the Continental League as a whole. Most of which revolved around the finances that exist in the League. Likkrit makes it known that he is upset at the way the League handles paying its players and says that the League itself is just not "cost effective." 

Most of the rant consists of
similiar talking points, bouncing from team to team and making reference to his own personal experiences with teams, such as Albus Nox, who Likkrit says didn't pay him the amount they were contractually obligated to. He even makes reference to Alexey Burdyko, a game show owner that has been involved in multiple scandals which revolve around his game show not paying its participants. 

And this is possibly where Riot found its biggest issue with Likkrit. Not in his language, but rather in the way he handled spilling all this information (if it wasn't the information itself.)

It is almost certain that Riot understands the issues with the Continental League just as much if not more than Likkrit does (they said themselves that they found some of his criticisms "useful,") but it seems they needed to make an example of the situation so it wouldn't happen again elsewhere. That is to say, understanding the problems with the Continental League is fine, but naming specifics in a harsh and disrespecting manner is not. 

To this point, this is all that is known on the issue. As more information becomes available, so will more insight into Riot and Likkrit's motives. 

As for now, keep an eye on Likkrit's activity as the community expects him to make a series of follow-up articles very soon.

You can watch the footage of the incident here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40Xxw2dR91M.

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