*LATEST* LEC Summer Split 2022: Schedule, Standings, How to Watch & More

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The League of Legends community gears up for screaming, cheering and crying. And not just from their ranked games at home. LEC is coming back this year to prepare itself for the summer split.

This influential European tournament kicks off its 4th year since its title rebranding. The league will see 10 teams compete against each other not only for the LEC title but also for the World Championship spot which is achieved by placing in the top three of the ten teams.


Questions about in-person events have now been answered as it has been confirmed this event will be in person once again!

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Latest Event Details

It was confirmed two days ago that the summer split of the LEC will once again be held in person! An exciting idea for League of Legends fans indeed. It also marks a milestone in the Covid pandemic as many esports events return to in-person meetings.

The games will once again take place in the LEC studio, Germany, with all teams cmpeting in front of a live audience. There are no official rules besides everyone must wear a mask.

What teams are playing and when?

The ten teams involved include Rogue, Fnatic, Misfits Gaming, G2 Esports, Excel, Team Vitality, Mad Lions, SK Gaming, Team BDS, and Astralis to compete for the coveted LEC trophy.


This is all set to kick off on June 17 and will begin with a more intensive week as they play three days of games instead of two.

Fan favourites G2 are gaining traction fast as they excelled during the lower brackets with an amazing 12 games won. Previous achievements such as MSI 2022 also place G2 in a great position.

The schedule was officially announced on June 1 via LEC's official Twitter page.


How can I watch?

The tournament can be accessed through streams on Twitch or Youtube and is also available on lolesports.com as pinned in the tweet by LEC.

LEC logo for Twitch

Watching through Twitch provides Riot account holders with rewards for engaging with the community throughout the live events. This has drawn many players to watch through that instead of opting for Youtube or lolesports.


Tickets can also be purchased for 12 euros on their official website to attend the in-person event.

With these European teams proving to be the best in their area, this split is proving to be an exciting mashup of top competitors which will excite the thousands of fans watching.