LEC Summer 2022 Playoffs: Schedule, Format, Where to Watch

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The busy summer split of the LEC has left the League of Legends players ready for the playoffs.

Playoffs are a huge step towards Worlds 2022 which is nearly two months away.


With MAD Lions raring to bring back the wins after a solid 2021, they are looking like a strong contender once again.

So, let's take a look at the schedule, format and where to watch for the LEC summer playoffs 2022.

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Playoffs schedule

The schedule for the LEC playoffs is as follows.

As MAD Lions look to keep their team high in the standings, the first match against Rogue will be explosive.

Round 1

Team Schedule Team
Rogue3-2MAD Lions
G2 Esports3-1Misfit Gaming
Fnatic3-2Excel Esports

Round 2

Team Schedule Team
Misfits GamingSeptember 3, 12 am (GMT+8) September 2, 4 pm GMTFnatic

Round 3

Team Schedule Team
MAD LionsSeptember 4, 11pm (GMT+8)TBA


Team Schedule Team
G2 EsportsSeptember 3, 11 pm (GMT+8) Rogue
TBASeptember 10, 11 pm. (GMT+8)TBA


Team Schedule Team
TBASeptember 11, 11TBA

One of the most important factors in the LEC playoffs is the possibility of playing in Worlds 2022.


Luckily, G2 has already gained enough points from previous matches to secure their places at Worlds.

LEC playoffs format

Games in the event will be played in a double-elimination bracket.

Teams are placed into the upper or lower bracket depending on their plays in the last position of the regular season.

Each match will have a best of five formats and the winner will be the Summer champion.

Where to watch the LEC summer playoffs

As always, the LEC summer playoffs can be streamed from the official Twitch and Youtube channels of the LEC.


Alternately, your favourite League of Legends streamers may also be streaming the event, so keep your eyes peeled for any announcements.

The finals of the event will also be held in person. This means that fans can actually attend the event by buying tickets through Ticketmaster.