LoL: Worlds Event Missions, Rewards, and More

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League of Legends Worlds event for 2022 is finally in the live game and is bringing a bunch of new content.

This year, the Worlds event is bringing back the spirit blossom skinline.

However, there are also some new missions, rewards, and other goodies for players to get their hands on.

So, let's take a look at all of the missions and rewards for League of Legends Worlds 2022.

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Infinite pass missions

Riot Games have decided to merge free and paid missions from now on. This means everyone can access the missions for Worlds 2022.

This infinite pass mission is for all players.

  • Available to all players, this mission will reward 200 Event XP for every 200 objective points players earn while playing and winning games.

Objective Points in Worlds 2022

To earn objective points, games must be played in League of Legends.

Game Mode Points earned for a loss Points earned for a win
Summoner's Rift - PVP4 points per minute6 points per minute
Pick URF4 points per minute6 points per minute
ARAM4 points per minute6 points per minute
TFT3 points per minute6 points per minute
Summoner's Rift - Co-op vs AI1 points per minute2 points per minute

Spirit Blossom missions

This is the first of the three mission sets happening for the Worlds 2022 event.

League of Legends spirit blossom Worlds event 2022
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That's a lot of hours racked up to complete everything but also a whole bunch of content too.

Mission Objective 1 Objective 2 Battle Pass XP
Dear Ma…Deal 10,000 physical or true damage to championsEarn 300 objective points300
There Were ThreePlay a game as or with Ahri, Cassiopeia, Evelynn or SettEarn 300 objective points300
Didn’t See That ComingGet 25 vision scoreEarn 300 objective points300
The Pen is MightierGet 18 kills or assistsEarn 450 objective points450
Savin’ SoulsHeal 15,000 damageEarn 600 objective points600
Think I’m LostDeal 2,800 damage to turretsEarn 300 objective points300
ReflectionsGet 35 crowd control scoreEarn 300 objective points300
Beautiful, Ain’t ItPlay as a premade groupEarn 300 objective points300
Close, But StillGet 18 kills or assistsEarn 450 objective points450
…So Far From HomeDeal 18,000 magic or true damage to championsEarn 600 objective points600

Tales from the Rift League of Legends missions

These missions are the new Halloween-themed missions that players can complete to get spooky rewards.

Tales from the Rift missions in League of Legends will run from October 20 at 3pm CT and will run through November 15 at 1:59am CT

Mission Objective 1 Objective 2 Batle Pass XP
Will There Be Ghosts There?Play two games of ARAM or Pick URFEarn 300 objective points300
Tooth and FangDeal 20,000 magic damage to championsEarn 300 objective points300
False AlarmGet 50 vision scoreEarn 300 objective points300
Double, Double, Someone’s in TroubleGet 40 kills or assistsEarn 450 objective points450
A Spooky SpectacularPlay as or with Anivia, Cassiopeia, LeBlanc, Neeko or SennaEarn 600 objective points600

Other Worlds missions

The final mission set for the League of Legends Worlds event has not yet been announced by Riot Games.

Worlds 2021 finale
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This will likely be something to do with the finale of the esports event which begins in early November.

Who do you expect to see there?

Worlds battle pass rewards

Milestone Tokens Other Rewards Paid or Free?
02004x Worlds 2022 Loot OrbsPremium
280750 Orange EssenceTokens are free
420Worlds 2022 iconPremium
620Spirit Blossom Lotus IconIcon is free
82010 Win XP BoostPremium
108010 Mythic EssencePremium
12201250 Blue EssenceEssence is Free
1420Cool Blue EmotePremium
1620Lets Rock EmoteEmote is Free
1820750 Orange EssencePremium
208010 Mythic EssencePremium
22201 Worlds Loot OrbOrb is Free
2420In My Grasp EmotePremium
26201 Eternals CapsuleCapsule is Free
28201 Mystery EmotePremium
30801 Worlds 2022 grab bagTokens are Free
322010 Mythic EssencePremium
34202500 Blue EssencePremium
3620Fandom EmotePremium
38201 Masterwork Key and ChestPremium
40801 Eternals CapsuleTokens are free
422020 Mythic EssencePremium
44201 Worlds 2022 Loot OrbPremium
46202022 Spirit Blossom WardPremium
48201 Masterwork Chest and KeyPremium
50601 Worlds Grab BagPremium
5120Repeatable MissionPremium
5220Repeatable MissionPremium
5320Repeatable MissionPremium
5420Repeatable MissionPremium
5520Repeatable MissionPremium

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