LoL Worlds Event: Event Passes and Event Shop Changes Explained

League of Legends Worlds 2022 event for the esports tournament has arrived in a pretty big update.

Within the update is the newly revamped shop and event pass system which has been altered to be easier for players.

Riot Games even added a whole new event page for the Worlds event which can be found in the client.

So, let's take a look at the changes in the Worlds 2022 event shop and passes system in League of Legends.

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Worlds 2022 event page

All of the content we chat about below can be found on the event page in the League of Legends client.

League of Legends Worlds event shop
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This makes the whole process much easier as all the content can be found in a quick and easy space.

League of Legends event shop

Worlds 2022 event shop is where players can spend all their hard-earned Worlds tokens!

In this shop are some event-exclusive items such as a new ward, skins, and icons.

Additionally, there are your bog standard mythic essence, blue essence, and mystery emotes available to buy.

Riot also spoke about other events and said...

"While we may dial up the rewards for particularly important celebrations, we'll make sure there's always plenty of value in every event."

Worlds 2022 event pass

The event passes offered for big moments in League of Legends are still fundamentally the same.

The event passes have a series of milestones which need to be met to get free goodies.

A pass track has also been added to help players visualise their progress with the event.

The track actually shows which rewards are free or paid too which is useful for future events.

Repeatable milestones

Another change coming to the event passes is the chance to repeat milestones.

Once players have completed all 50 milestones, they can repeat missions infinitely until the event leaves League of Legends.

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