LoL Worlds 2022 Group Draw: Livestream Date, Time, Where to Watch, and More

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The Worlds 2022 group draw show will decide which League of Legends teams are placed into which group during the play-in and group stages.

This year, the host for the show will be League of Legends broadcast talent Gabriella “LeTigress” Devia-Allen.


Riot Games have officially revealed the start date, time and stream details which fans will need to watch this event live.

However, the stream will also be published on the official social media of Riot too.

So, let's see how watchers can see the draw live via a live stream, what date and time this will take place and where to watch.

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Worlds 2022 group draw Livestream date and time

The live stream which shows the group draw for League of Legends Worlds 2022 will begin on September 11 2022.

The esports event will start at...

  • 10 pm GMT
  • 6 pm ET
  • 11 pm BST
  • 3 pm PT

Where to watch

League of Legends fans can watch the biggest esports event at the official live stream from lolesports.

Additionally, their official website is the place to be on September 11 as the event will be live-streamed there.

League of Legends 2020 worlds event

However, this event will also take place shortly after the LCS championship broadcast. A double whammy for the LoL community.

League of Legends Worlds Teams

Currently, only one league in the world has not declared its teams representing it at this year’s World Championship.

Worlds Championship 2019

That region is Turkey’s TCL, which will declare its representative for the Worlds play-in stage when its championship is held on Sept. 10.

However, every other team for the tournaments have already had their place secured at the event.