LoL Worlds 2022 COUNTDOWN: Event Date, Time, Details, and More

It's finally here everybody... League of Legends Worlds starts today and the community could not be more excited.

With the teams practising and building their skills for the whole year, it all comes down to this big moment.

Esports history will be made yet again as the event starts in Mexico City and will end in San Francisco.

So, let's take a look at a countdown for League of Legends Worlds 2022 so that you don't miss out on this historical moment.

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League of Legends Worlds COUNTDOWN

League of Legends Worlds 2022

Worlds start date and time

Worlds 2022 will begin today, September 29 2022 in Mexico City where professional League players will butt heads.

Depending on your time zone, the time this starts may be a little different.

So, here are some time zones with the correct time for when they start.

  • 9 pm BST
  • 4 pm EST
  • 8 pm GMT
  • 1 pm PT

Where to watch Worlds 2022

For those lucky of us to have tickets, they will be sitting down and seeing the games play out in front of their eyes.

However, as tickets were sold out within minutes, most of us will be able to tune in through live streams.

The best place to watch Worlds 2022 is on the lolesports website. However, the stream will also take place on the lol esports official Youtube channel and also their Twitch.

Additionally, Riot has helpfully set up a Worlds schedule to keep an eye on events.

Many streamers or Youtubers will also be streaming the event with their live reactions too.

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