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League of Legends URF Tier List: Top 5 Best Champions

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League of Legends' resident ability spamming and hectic team fighting mode has finally made its way back to players' clients thanks to Patch 12.19 and they can't wait to get their hands on it.

Originally released during April Fools Day in 2014, Ultra Rapid Fire or as it's known as, URF, is a game mode where champions have little to no cooldowns while also having no mana or energy cost to their abilities. As you would expect, this causes tons of mayhem and fun to occur in the Summoner's Rift.

This type of play, like any in League of Legends, lends itself to having some champions excel at it better than others. That's why we've decided to give our best five champions to play in URF.

The 5 best League of Legends champions for URF

With over 140 champions in League of Legends, it can be a tough task when it comes to choosing which one to play as in URF—we've narrowed it down to just five.

Here are our picks.

5) Nautilus

This might come as a huge surprise that out of 140 plus champions we have Nautilus in this top five—just bear with us, let us explain. For starters, the Titan of the Depths is a bonafide CC machine, all of his spells except his W with is a shield, CC enemies in some way or another.

Nautilus League of Legends URF
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Credit: Riot Games
CC FOR DAYS: Nautilus has never-ending CC in URF mode

His Q is a hook, his E is a decently sized AoE slow, and obviously, his ultimate is a point-and-click knock-up for not just the target but for everyone caught in its wake... Oh, and did we mention that his Passive makes his first auto-attack root his targets? Imagine being able to essentially spam all of these abilities without remorse; it's a no-brainer, really—CC for days. And although he doesn't do tons of damage, he more than makes up for it with his ability to set up the rest of his team.

4) Blitzcrank

Somewhat serving a similar purpose to Nautilus is the OG hook god, Blitzcrank. Sure, he may not provide the immense amount of CC as the Titan of the Depths but not only is he close to that, but he also brings something the other champion does not, which is tons of damage... if built AP, mostly.

Let's break it down, his Q, an insane hook, his W, a moderate speed boost, his E, a great knock-up, and his ultimate, a massive AoE silence that does significant amounts of damage.

The Great Steam Golem is truly great in a mode like URF, CC for days, and if built correctly, a surprising amount of damage that will let you 100-0 an enemy when they least expect it.

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3) Yuumi

You'd think a champion like Yuumi, who stands little to no chance without a partner, wouldn't make this list, but you're wrong. Ever since her introduction to League of Legends and subsequently, URF, she's withstood one of the higher ban rates in the mode.

Yuumi League of Legends URF
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Credit: Riot Games
ZOOMIN' AROUND: Yuumi has champions flying across Summoner's Rift in URF

This little floating cat on a book is absolutely oppressive and can turn any champion into an unkillable monster that will singlehandedly, or two-handedly in this case, take over the game. With her Zoomies, her E, just attach to your champion of choice and watch them dominate.

2) Shaco

One of the original OPs to terrorize the URF mode Summoner's Rift, Shaco, is not only deceiving thanks to his Deceive ability but is also a bonafide bully.

All of his abilities just work so well together in a mode like this. You can just stealth seemingly forever. There are fewer champions more apt for this mode than the Demon Jester himself—truly living up to his name.

Just Deceive, get behind someone's back, and Two-Shiv for maximum damage and kills.

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1) Zed

It should come as no surprise that Zed, also one of the original OP champions for URF like Shaco, tops this list.

There are several factors that make the perfect champion for URF. Their ability to spam abilities effectively, the way their abilities work together, and what they bring to the table. But one thing that often gets overlooked in a fast-paced game mode like this is their ability to straight up one shot or harass people. That's where Zed comes in.

Although this champion will leave both you and your enemies confused, due to his craziness in URF, he can take down essentially any target. With just one use of his shadow, in this case, multiple thanks to lower cooldowns, Zed can jump onto any unsuspecting squishy—and sometimes non-squishy—and take them down in one go. Your opponents won't even know what hit 'em.

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