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League of Legends: TSM Bjergsen retires, will become head coach after Worlds 2020

It's a dark week for NA League of Legends, as the greatest midlaner in the history of the region, Bjergsen is hanging up the mouse and keyboard after Worlds 2020.

The good news is he's picking up the clipboard instead, becoming the new Head Coach for TSM.

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Let's go over the details of this huge move, and its implications on all of League of Legends.

The Great Dane

Bjergsen is the most successful NA import in League of Legends history. The Dane came from a scrappy and promising start on the Copenhagen Wolves, and ended up on his life-long fit, TSM.

Bjergsen Retires from TSM becomes head coach for NA LCS 2021
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FINAL PUSH: Bjergsen's final active year caps off with a triumphant run to reach Worlds 2020, but falling short at the tournament

Since then, Bjergsen has been the most valuable League of Legends player in North America, and the most consistent.


Bjergsen retires on a bittersweet moment - leading TSM to Worlds once again, only to fall short 0-6 in the gauntlet.

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Now that Bjergsen is retiring from active League of Legends competition - a hole is left behind. But Bjerg will still have a massive impact on LCS play, taking the reins for TSM.

Bjergsen Coaching TSM

The move for Bjergsen to move on from mid laner to coach is not an uncommon one for TSM. The org was founded by Reginald, who helmed the ship as midlaner for its first few years.

TSM 2020 lineup LCS 1
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FUTURE: Bjergsen has plenty of talented players available to him as the roster moves on

Bjergsen's contracts have led to this point - as he's picked up part ownership of TSM along the way.


Bjergsen is an analytical player, with the perfect personality and temperament for competitive league. His skills on and off the Rift led to his massive success, and position him perfectly to coach TSM.

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With Bjerg taking over coaching duties in 2021 - we're massively excited to see what he can do!

What This Means for LoL Esports

Bjergsen's move into the front office for TSM is something that could shape the future of League of Legends esports.

LEGENDARY: Bjergsen is one of the most iconic and successful players to ever touch NA League of Legends - and will now lead from behind
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LEGENDARY: Bjergsen is one of the most iconic and successful players to ever touch NA League of Legends - and will now lead from behind

This move parallels a movement of former players taking on the coaching position in and out of esports. It is rare, however, for a franchise legend to take over his own team as coach.


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All eyes will be on TSM heading into 2021. And the success of this move could mean future replication for other orgs.

Some other teams that we could see adopting this strategy would be T1 pushing Faker up into the front office, or Uzi to take control leading Royal Never Give Up (RNG).