League of Legends Star Guardian Event 2022: Rating Star Guardian Skins

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League of Legends Star Guardian event is here again in 2022. With a whole bunch of new skins being added to the game, there's a lot of new content.

Moving forward always provides a good excuse to look back. And that is what we are doing today in this rating of star guardian skins. The latest skins have also been added to this ranking to ensure that every skin is covered.


The skin line proposes a cutesy look for what is quite a vicious game. You wouldn't see champions such as Cho'Gath donning a kawaii star guardian fit.... anyway. Let's look at which skins in the series are the best.

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5) Star Guardian Kai'Sa

Star Guardian Kai'Sa from league of Legends

The Star Guardian Kai'Sa skin is a bit of a change from her void base skin. Although I've got to say... pink really is her colour.

Star Guardian Kai'Sa model from league of Legends

The skin actually has had a load of different changes made to it when in the PBE for League of Legends. However, as Kai'Sa has a big role in the event happening now, it makes sense that Riot Games want her to be perfect.

4) Star guardian Neeko

Star Guardian Neeko from League of Legends

Star Guardian Neeko is a brilliant skin which perfectly suits the personality and culture of Neeko. However, the prestige version existing brings an upgrade to the base skin.

Star Guardian neeko from League of Legends

3) Star Guardian Soraka

Star Guardian Soraka from League of Legends

Arguably, Soraka is one of the best-suited champions for the Star Guardian skin line. Not only is she a celestial being, but she has the gentle and cutesy nature associated with the event.

Star Guardian Soraka from League of Legends

2) Star Guardian Lux

Star Guardian Lux from League of Legends

The list would not be complete without including Riot's favourite skin hoarder... Lux. The lady of luminosity is also another brilliant fit for the skin-line. Star Guardian lux is a fan favourite for a reason... she just looks so cute.

Star guardian Lux from League of Legends

1) Pajama Guardian Cosplay Urgot

Star Guardian Urgot from League of Legends

However, if cuteness is what you are after then where better to go than Urgot. The crabby champion seemingly is as much of a fangirl as the players of League of Legends. Donning a cosplay of the pajama guardian, he truly is the best Star guardian out there.

Star Guardian urgot from League of Legends