LoL: Spirit Blossom Game Mode Leaks, Details, and More

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There is new information circling which may hint at a beloved game mode returning to League of Legends.

It is expected to come back to League of Legends in the Spirit Blossom event. So, patch 12.19 is when we should expect to see this new game mode.


This information comes from an official source and states some key details about the event and the game mode too.

So, let's take a look at what the game mode might be included with the new Spirit Blossom event in League of Legends.

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Twitter information about a returning game mode

Daniel “Maxw3ll” Emmons, the design lead of game modes at Riot made a tweet about the popular game mode returning to the Rift.

The new game mode which is expected to make a return is League of Legends Pick URF.


This is where players can use abilities much faster due to reduced cooldown rates.

Due to the speed of their abilities, these matches are usually aggressive and fast-paced too. Which makes for some great fun in the Rift.

It became one of the most popular game modes for League of Legends since its release on April Fools in 2014.

Spirit Blossom 2022 date

We should expect to see this game mode make a comeback with the Spirit Blossom event this year.

The event will begin on September 29 2022, so we should expect to see this game mode return then too.


However, this is all just speculation as the above date is the release for 12.19 of League of Legends.

Until we have full confirmation, all we can do is speculate.