League of Legends Sivir Rework 2022: Ability Changes, Release Date, and More

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Sivir's popularity since her crit build has been lacking that spice. With a low pick and ban rate in League of Legends, the champion was put on the back burner for those who play the ADC role.

A week ago, Riot announced the champ would be getting a mini-rework. The details weren't confirmed but now? We've got all the details we need to understand how she fits into the Rift.

Being the second to least picked ADC has tarnished her reputation. Riot's rework will seek to fix that issue and make her strong once again. Details of how and when summoners can choose her have now been confirmed by Riot.

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Ability changes for Sivir

Ray Williams or @RiotRayYonggi was the original poster who announced that Sivir will be getting a mini-rework. But now he has provided the fans with the details for her rework.

In a Twitter post, he listed all the changes that she will undergo...

  • Q - Damage is now increased by crit chance, up to 100% bonus damage, with the base damage buffed
  • W - Now grants 20% - 40% bonus AS, with reduced mana cost, but a limit of 7 ricochets a cast
  • E - No longer refunds mana, and now heals her for 60% - 80% AD + 50% AP
  • R - No longer grants AS or an initial big burst of MS
  • R - Still has a lower amount of MS
  • R - Duration increased from 8 seconds flat to 8 - 12
  • R - Refreshes on takedowns within 3 seconds of damaging

Her W will also undergo a large change. For instance, League of Legends developers have made her W double back onto targets it's already hit. Above all, it will prioritize the closest target that has been hit the fewest times.

How will this affect Sivir?

Riot clearly enjoyed Sivir's crit build as much as the community did. Buffing her Q and making her AD scale with crit chance means that items such as Infinity Edge will really help her to get that damage out.

Her E ability also relates nicely to the durability update. This means that the increased healing changed from mana will allow her to stay in the lane longer and get that farm or those kills.


Her ultimate ability is arguably one of the weaker ones in the whole game. Providing MS for a short period of time, the ability wasn't considered strong when she was in the game. Mostly used for engaging and disengaging, it lacked the strength that Twitch or Jhin's ults have.

Sivir in League of Legends
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However, now with a refresh being implemented, she has an engage and a disengage which makes her a safer pick for ADC.

Release date

Sivir will hit the PBE server this week for testing, and full changes will release on League of Legends Patch 12.13, Wednesday, July 13 2022.

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