League of Legends Seraphine Champion Rundown: Lore, Abilities, Runes, and More

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Seraphine is the Starry-eyed Songstress in League of Legends. Often known for singing whilst destroying her enemies. She charms like a siren but hits like a truck.

Some summoners may think of her as that annoying champion who won't stop singing. But to her fans, she is a god. Her strength comes in her crowd control, and the surprisingly high damage she can put out. Don't let her innocence fool you, she will kill.

However, most summoners only know her as this icon of joy. Let's look at her lore, abilities, rune paths and more.

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Seraphine lore

Seraphine led a privileged childhood in the heart of Piltover. Her parents from Zaun worked hard to make their way up top and she benefitted from this. Their musical instrument repair shop helped Seraphine craft her love for music and her voice.

Seraphine looking at Zaun from League of Legends
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She became such a good songstress that she managed the ability to hear people's thoughts and emotions. This was solved with a hextech crystal brought to her to help her drown them out. Instead, an ancient Brackern spoke to her.

Using this ability, she began to harness her voice and use it to bring the fractured cities of Zaun and Piltover together.


Passive, Stage Presence - Every third ability cast will echo, casting it a second time. Casting an ability near an ally creates a note which empowers her auto-attacks.

Seraphine Ultimate Abuility from League of Legends
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Q, High Note - Seraphine projects a note that deals magic damage increased by the target's missing health.

W, Surround Sound - Seraphine surrounds her allies nearby in a song. This grants her and her allies movement speed and a shield. If seraphine is already shielded she can heal allies.

E, Beat Drop - Seraphine unleashes a heavy soundwave which deals magic damage to enemies. If an enemy is already slowed then they become rooted, already rooted enemies become stunned.

R, Encore - Seraphine takes stage and projects her voice to charm enemies. It also deals magic damage and if any champion is struck, it extends the range.



This League of Legends support champion is just that. A support player. However, that doesn't stop some summoners from taking her in mid or the ADC role.

Seraphine runes from League of Legends
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But, for the purpose of this guide, let's look at her as a support. She starts with Guardian which further enforces her W shielding. Taking Font of Life also buffs her W ability also helps with the healing process and her CC. Bone Plating is particularly useful for her due to the low level of health she has in the early game.

Cosmic Insight is also taken on her to make sure her abilities can be used faster. Following up with Biscuit Delivery just helps her stay in the lane too. Always a good one for those squishy supports.

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