League of Legends Prime Gaming February 2023 Capsule Deyaled

League of Legends Prime Gaming

League of Legends Prime Gaming

League of Legends is now well into its thirteenth season, and fans around the world are getting to grips with all the huge changes. A new competitive year is also well underway, so you can watch your favourite pros battle it out for the ultimate prize.

Prime Gaming members are accustomed to some goodies to use in-game on a monthly basis, but this month is a little different. Here's everything you need to know about what's changed.

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League of Legends Prime Gaming February Capsule Delayed

The January Prime Gaming Capsule has been available since December 29th and was due to be until January 27th. This would fit the usual schedule of offerings, as they generally refresh monthly.

The deadline to claim your capsule has not been delayed until the 16th, which is great news if you haven't had a chance just yet. For players who typically claim theirs monthly, however, this does come as somewhat of a disappointment.

We still expect the capsule to have the same League of Legends based rewards in store when it does release later in February. Expect RP, an Epic skin, some champion shards and an XP boost.

Why is the February Capsule Delayed?

We currently have no concrete information about why we are waiting until mid-February for the release of the new rewards. That hasn't stopped fans from speculating about what may be going on, however.

Some believe that this may be the last League of Legends Prime Gaming Capsule we receive. Given the scale of Amazon's partnership with Riot, however, this seems unlikely, and a strange area to scale back in.

It's also entirely possible that future capsules will continue to be delayed in the same manner, now releasing mid-month. This would bring it in line with the similar offering from Prime Gaming in Apex Legends.

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