LoL Pick'em: Best Picks for the Best Free Rewards

Pick'em is back for League of Legends Worlds 2022 and it's a brilliant way for fans to get some extra rewards.

The site acts as a prediction tool and players are rewarded for correct guesses at the end of the esports event.

There are 20 sections that players get to make guesses from and each has a multiple choice style of answering. This makes the process a lot simpler.

So, let's look at some strong picks for each category of League of Legends Worlds 2022 Pick'em.

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League of Legends Pick'em Champions

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The first line of predictions for Pick'ems is the champions and what conditions they are chosen for.

These are looking at the current meta for League of Legends and what professional players like to play too.

Hecarim has risen to fame with his jungling capabilities, especially as some key junglers have been hit hard with nerfs recently.

Yuumi has also been a pretty popular pick due to her incredible capabilities and high winrate.

Worlds Pick'em Players

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These professional players all are great at what they do.

However, Faker has a brilliant skill for mastering many champions, which is why he is a strong pick for this.

Gala has been a fan favourite for a while now and we are expecting an ADC to have the highest KDA at Worlds this year.

Worlds Pick'em Teams choices

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G2 have had a pretty good streak recently, and despite their recent drama with their CEO, the team are still strong in its own right.

DRX has always been a great team for professional events and their past performances at Worlds have been great.

League of Legends event choices

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These choices are for situational events that may happen at Worlds 2022.

Worlds is always a hectic event and with professional play being so dynamic, all of these choices are at the higher end.

However, all of these picks are subjective and using your own thoughts is the best way to guarantee to get rewards from this.

Worlds 2022 kicks off on Sept. 29, so make your picks while you still can.

Good luck Gamers!

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