LoL Patch 13.5 Jungle XP Changes -everything you need to know

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League of Legends Jungle

League of Legends junglers have recently had huge changes happen to the jungle to make the role much easier.

However, these changes have had the opposite effect on many veteran junglers as they feel the role has become too simplified.

Riot Games are now addressing the more difficult areas of jungling such as counter-jungling or ganking by changing XP.

It seems that LoL junglers are getting too simplified of an experience in the game.

But, Riot Games are responding to these complaints in the way that they see fit which is always a good sign.

So, let's look at what the current jungle changes are coming into patch 13.5 of League of Legends and what players should expect.

League of Legends 13.5 Jungle XP Changes

One of the most controversial changes that happened at the beginning of the year, preseason 2023 was the counter-gank damage nerf.

If jungler went to the enemy jungle and took camps, their damage would be hit with a 20% decrease.

This was to deter too many complex jungle mechanics from taking place.

However, this 20% will actually be removed in the following patch 13.5 which is great news.

Ganking within the first 14 minutes of the game will also be changed with...

  • Jungler lane XP for first 14m: 75% --> 40-75% based on game time (linear scaling from 00:00)

The extreme reduction of gold given to junglers from camps is also being reverted, meaning that it's more worthy to farm camps.

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RiotPhlox Speaks About the Jungle Situation

RiotPhlox gave some interesting insight as to why these jungle changes had been made.

When speaking about the attempt to stop early invade he stated...

"I think it was worth exploring, I'd rather us try stuff and pull it than never try it at all, but it's time to sunset it now."

When speaking about the 20 gold loss since season 12, he stated that Riot is looking to bring about half of that gold back.

Overall, it seems that Riot is reverting quite a few of the preseason 2023 jungle changes to help players with their games.

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