League of Legends Patch 12.12: Champions Nerfs and Buffs

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The League of Legends 12.12 patch is on its way and with it comes various nerfs and buffs for its champions.

Each patch released by Riot for League of Legends focuses on big fixes or champion buffs and nerfs. And sometimes the bigger patches even change gameplay mechanics.

Patch 12.12 is fixing a variety of different aspects but will also buff and nerf several champions who need it.

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Bel'Veth nerf

This low ELO nightmare has been causing many issues for lower-level players. One game even saw Belveth nearly end a game 12 minutes in with a single push. Riot are aware of this and are nerfing her to save the hassle.

But this commonly happens with newer champions in League of Legends. They are released to be strong but end up being too strong and are followed by a nerf.

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As the patch is out on June 23, there is currently no exact answer to what is being nerfed, we just know she is. Perhaps her voidlings will get a nerf by making them have less health. Other League of Legends champions such as Dr Mundo, Fiora, Janna, Lucian, Singed, Viego, and Zeri will also be hit by the nerf hammer.


Durability update issues

The big conversations about the durability update affecting the game have been proven to be true.

The new meta enforced by the increased health has meant that tanks and enchanters are extremely strong.


To help with the issue of the latest update, Riot has enhanced healing in-game by nerfing champions such as Soraka, Yuumi, and Nami. Also, Seraphine is on the changelist and is expecting to be buffed due to the other changes.

With these updates to healing supports, the community are wondering if the buffs may go too far and Yuumi may become even stronger again, causing havoc in the bot lane.