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LoL Neeko Disabled - Tower Neeko leads to champion being disabled

League of Legends Neeko has been under fire for a game-breaking bug which turns her into a tower.

Neeko has gained popularity recently due to her mid-scope update coming soon.

However, a popular streamer has found a game-breaking bug which has caused several issues.

This has led to Riot games disabling her from being picked whilst they work on this bug.

Hopefully, she will soon be back in order for a new player to get to grips with the curious chameleon.

So, let's look at the Neeko bug, how it worked, and how it affected players in League of Legends.

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League of Legends Neeko Becomes a Tower

As the Curious Chameleon, it only makes sense that Neeko can create an illusion as another champion.

This mechanic has been helpful in confusing the enemy, but it doesn't provide much else.

That is until @Vandiril managed to find a way for Neeko to turn into other objects.

He was able to turn Neeko into a jungle camp, an objective, or even a tower.

The tweet of this footage has let a swift ban of Neeko and made her unplayable until this serious bug can be fixed.

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Neeko as a Tower Tweet

The tweet above shows Yuumi tanking the tower which means that Neeko can put some serious damage to it.

All of this happens whilst nobody takes damage too. We can see why this glitch has led to Neeko being removed.

Until Riot Games can fix this issue, she will not be able to be played in any type of queue or game mode.

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