LoL Milio Teaser - riot games reveals 'meeps' design

League of Legends Milio is the new champ who has a new teaser revealed by Riot Games in the PBE.

The new Ixtali enchanter is one of the few male enchanters released for a while.

LoL's community have desperately been trying to get some more male enchanters to the game for years.

But, the prayers have now been answered and with such little information on him? This teaser is big.

So, this teaser was originally found on the PBE, which makes the teaser official and a genuine point to his design.

As the first new champion to be added to the game in 2023, it won't be long til we see these 'meeps' around the map.

So, let's look at the new teaser for Milio in League of Legends and what players should expect from this.

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Milio Teaser on the PBE

This official teaser was spotted by players of the PBE in the official client.

Patch 13.3 went live in the PBE for testing by players in the community yesterday.

And this, was where the new little meeps were spotted!

If you go down to the bottom lane, a little 'meep' like creature is sitting in one of the fountains just by the edge of the map.

All it does is sit and watch as the fight goes on around him.

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What Does This Mean for Players?

Whilst the little fire 'meep' gives away some inkling and speculation, it doesn't give away anything official.

We can look at the meep as one of Milio's meeps, in a similar fashion to Bard and his meeps.

So, Milio is not the little fire blob, but rather may use them for his abilities.

But, as the little fire 'meep' was placed in the bottom lane, it has almost confirmed that the new enchanter will be a support.

Previous explanations of Milio have described him as being able to heal with fire.

So, we now have a better understanding of what to expect from the new male enchanter.

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