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League of Legends ARAM Clash and Map Changes for 12.23

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League of Legends ARAM

League of Legends ARAM has a little something for everyone, with a chaotic for-fun style that is unmatched in other modes. Whether you're new and looking to try new champions, try new builds, or blow off some steam in between ranked games, the Howling Abyss is the place to be.

ARAM has remained unchanged for quite some time now, save for some champion balance changes. With preseason in full swing though, the mode is finally getting some love. Here's everything you need to know about what's changing, and the new Clash tournament.

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League of Legends ARAM Map Changes

There's a ton of changes coming to the Howling Abyss map in the new update, which will have a huge impact on how ARAM is played. The first is Hexgates, or the new Frostgates as they will be known, finally making an appearance in the mode.

Frostgates will be present from the start of the game, and will link your teams nexus to your outer tower. Once this tower falls, they will then link to your inhibitor tower, where they will stay for the rest of the game.

League of Legends ARAM Tower Rubble
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Secondly, Riot have decided to shake up the ARAM map in League of Legends, with more terrain. Now when outer towers are destroyed, they will collapse and leave rubble, which will count as terrain. This is great news if you can pick up someone like Quiyana for a game.

Brushes have also been expanded, and a new brush has been added on the lower midsection of the map. Brushes behind the outer towers have also been extended.

League of Legends ARAM Brush
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Finally, some much-needed bridge repairs are coming to Howling Abyss in League of Legends. The once-broken sections are now traversable, which will shake up those snowball engages before minions spawn.

ARAM Clash Tournament

As a special thank you to ARAM fans, the last Clash tournament of the year will be hosted on Howling Abyss. It will be free to enter, and feature an 8-team bracket, where everyone gets to play 3 games.

League of Legends ARAM Clash
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The games will follow the usual ARAM rules, and each player will get two rerolls per game, so you've got the best chance to build a strong team.

Registration begins December 5th, so head over now and don't miss out! The tournament days will be the 10th and 11th of December.

ARAM Quality of Life Changes

To add to the QoL gameplay changes already in effect in League of Legends, including energy regen and tenacity, some changes to champion select are coming. This includes blocking Battle Boosts when less than 10 seconds remain before the game begins.

This will make sure no one is caught off guard and can use whichever skin they like. Players will now also be able to see which champions they have earned a chest on this season.

If you've already earned an S- or higher and received a chest for a champion, you'll now have that indicated. Therefore you'll have even more incentive to try new ones, which is the spirit of League of Legends ARAM.

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