LoL Lillia Champion Guide - abilities, runes, playstyle, and more

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League of Legends Lillia is the Bashful Bloom with a right to be scared of everything.

But, don't let that description of her put you off. She is a powerful top and jungle champion who has great damage.


Wandering Ionia's forests, the fae fawn travels around to research why her dreams are not reaching the dream tree.

With a complex set of abilities, playstyle, and runes to take, she can be more of a complex champion to play.

However, this guide will help you get on your way to becoming the next greatest Lillia player.

So, let's look at the abilities, runes, and playstyle of Lillia in League of Legends so that you make sure to grab those W's.

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Lillia Abilities

Here are all of the abilities of Lillia in League of Legends.

Passive - Dream-laden Bough

Hitting a champion or monster with a skill will deal additional max Health damage over time.

Q - Blooming Blows

Passively, Lillia gains stacking Move Speed when hitting enemies with spells. She can activate this to deal magic damage to nearby enemies, dealing extra true damage on the edge.

W - Watch Out! Eep!


Lillia deals damage in a nearby area, dealing heavy damage in the centre.

E - Swirlseed

Lillia hurls a seed that damages and slows those it lands on. If it doesn't hit anything, it will continue rolling until it hits a wall or target.

R - Lilting Lullaby

Lillia causes all enemies with Dream Dust on them to become Drowsy before falling asleep. Those enemies will take extra damage on being forcibly woken up.

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League of Legends Runes

Taking her jungle is one of the more popular roots when taking Lillia in League of Legends.


So, the runes here will take that into factor and show runes perfect for that role.

Lillia runes in League of Legends

Taking Conqueror for Lillia is perfect as her melee auto attacks stack up some pretty nice damage.

Triumph and Legend: Tenacity is a pretty basic set of runes for jungler champions to help them scale better.

As Lillia's movement speed is pretty good, having Waterwalking and Celerity makes her a stronger speedy faun.

Lillia Playstyle

Lillia may act a little scared but her power can shine through if played correctly.


Lillia should be played as a high-risk, high-reward champion. Engages matter and have to be done in a team.

Lillia in League of Legends

Her clearing of camps and roaming is very fast and excels even better with the above runes.

But, despite the strengths that she has, Lillia is very squishy in the early game. So early game fighting should be avoided if possible.