LoL Kai'Sa Champion Guide - abilities, runes, playstyle, and more

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Kai'Sa from League of Legends
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League of Legends Kai'Sa is the daughter of the void who packs a punch with her kit in the game.

As an ADC player, Kai'Sa focuses on damage and getting as much out as possible.


Her kit allows for high burst damage as well as some quick escapes and engages.

For players who are new to the ADC role, she may be a little tricky to learn. But, learning her is worth it for the power you will have.

Kai'Sa's abilities make her very strong and a high-risk-high-reward champion in LoL.

So, let's look at the abilities, runes, and playstyle for Kai'Sa in League of Legends and how you can get those wins on your account.

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Kai'Sa Abilities

Here are the full abilities of this ADC champion in League of Legends.

PASSIVE - Second Skin

Kai'Sa's basic attacks stack Plasma, dealing increasing bonus magic damage. Allies' immobilizing effects help stack Plasma. Additionally, Kai'Sa's item purchases upgrade her basic spells to have more powerful properties.

Q - Icathian Rain

Kai'Sa shoots a swarm of missiles that seek out nearby targets. Living Weapon: Icathian Rain is upgraded to shoot more missiles.

W - Voidseeker

Kai'Sa shoots a long-range missile, marking enemies with her passive. Living Weapon: Void Seeker is upgraded to apply more passive marks and reduce the cooldown on champion hit.


E - Supercharge

Kai'Sa briefly increases her Move Speed, then increases her Attack Speed. Living Weapon: Supercharge is upgraded to briefly grant Invisibility.

R - Killer Instinct

Kai'Sa dashes near an enemy champion.

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Kai'Sa Runes

Kai'Sa runes in League of Legends

Kai'Sa has a brilliant knack for attacking and attacking fast. So, Lethal Tempo is perfect for making sure her attack speed is fast.

Triumph and Legend: Bloodline are both some great runes to take on her to give her some sustainability in fights.

Both of these work well with her attack speed too as she can get some life stealing to keep her going.

Taking the Inspiration tree is also another good option as secondary runes.

Playstyle in League of Legends

Kai'Sa is a very high-risk-high-reward champion in League of Legends.

Engaging with her Ultimate Ability can be very risky but it can also mean you get some crucial kills too.

League of Legends Kai'Sa abilities

So, making sure that you go in on lower-health enemies can be great to ensure you don't miss any action in a fight.

Her W can also be used very well to snipe enemies who snuck away from a fight whilst low.

However, this move can be a little awkward to land. Especially for those who are new to Kai'Sa.