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League of Legends: How to Get Star Guardian Cards and Packs on Instagram

Touted as Season 12's premiere League of Legends event, this year's Star Guardians event has been nothing short of entertaining.

From the plethora of skins that spanned not one, but two patches, the endless amount of missions to complete in-game, the engaging story to follow, and much more, the magical girl-themed content seemingly has no end in sight.

Keeping the ball rolling comes a new way to consume even more Star Guardian content via holographic cards on Instagram.

With that in mind, here's a guide on how to collect the Star Guardian cards and packs on Instagram.

How to Use League of Legends Star Guardian Effects on Instagram

Before we begin this guide, it's worth noting that this will only work on Instagram's App version on the phone, be it either Android or iPhone. This is due to Instagram's Story feature not working on a web browser.

Knowing that, let's start.

First, of course, you'll go to your phone and open up your Instagram app. If you have an account, proceed, if not, create a new account.

From there, press on the plus sign towards the top of the app—it'll be accompanied by a bell and arrow-type icons, that'll bring you up to the "New Post" section of Instagram where you can create your own post.

Once there, you'll be given several types of post options, the normal "Post", "Story", "Reel", and "Live", for this you will want to tap on Story since the Star Guardian cards are only available via Instagram's Story.

Having seen all of the options, select Story and tap on the effect towards the bottom of the screen. Knowing that this most likely isn't the effect you want for the cards, scroll down to "Browse effect gallery" tap it and then tap the spyglass on the top right. You'll then be prompted with a search bar in which you'll search for "Star Guardian Cards."

That's it!

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How to Collect League of Legends Star Guardian Cards and Packs on Instagram

After you've found the Star Guardian Cards effect, you can begin collecting cards.

Collecting the cards is fairly simple, all you have to do is hold and press on the pink Star Guardian logo, in this case, the Story recording button, to open your pack of cards.

League of Legends: How to collect Star Guardian Cards and Packs on Instagram - Star Guardian Cards
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Credit: Riot Games
COLLECT 'EM ALL: There are tons of Star Guardian cards to collect

As you keep holding the button, five cards will unravel and come out of the packaging. Once all of the cards have finished coming out, the screen will then shift towards the right which it'll showcase all of the cards you've collected thus far. It's worth noting that you can also view the cards you've collected by pressing the right of the two icons above the recording button for the effect.

If you don’t get your card of choice on the first try: you'll earn more packs to open over time.

Additionally, there will be more cards to collect come August 8.

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