League of Legends Funnel Jungle Nerfs - What is it and why is it an issue?

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Riot Games have promised the League of Legends community some nerfs coming to the funnel jungle professional strategy.

The new items have spurred the comeback of this strategy which is causing issues for some players.


Funnel jungling is an effective way for two members of the team to snowball hard.

This technique has been used before and caused some pretty disastrous effects for the whole community.

However, this time, Riot is already on the case and is looking to release nerfs to stop this.

So, let's take a look at what funnel jungling is, how it works and what Riot Games plan to do about it in League of Legends.

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What is Funnel Jungling?

Funnel jungling is a professional strategy in-game that lets two lanes get ahead.


An easy way for this to happen is that the jungle and mid-lane to team up with the jungle acting as a support for the hyper-carry.

Farming Jungle in League of Legends

The jungle will farm as always, but give some of the buffs to his mid-lane so that they can get ahead.

After a multitude of ganks in the mid lane and the lane pushed up, they can both roam to help out other lanes.


The best champion to take in this strategy is Master Yi.

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How is Riot Adding Nerfs to This League of Legends Pro Strat?

The details of the nerf for this strategy have not yet been announced by Riot Games.


However, a nerf is definitely on its way.

@RiotYayYonggi responded to a Twitter thread about how and why it was deliberately not tested before patch 2.22.

Riot is planning to bring this small fix out in the next couple of days to ensure players are still happy.


However, until that time, the community will just have to perma-ban champions that work will in this strategy and hope for the best.