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LoL Draven Champion Rundown: Lore, Abilities, Runes, and More

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Draven is the Glorious Executioner from the League of Legends who slays enemies with firm confidence.

A member of the Reckoners, Draven is not a force to be reckoned with.

Additionally, amongst his clan of warriors, he is the most celebrated and admired in the Noxus community.

With a brilliant kit with high damage and some impressive CC for a high-damage champ, he makes a brilliant ADC in the rift.

So, let's take a look at Draven's lore in League of Legends with his abilities and popular runes.

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Draven League of Legends lore

Draven started as an orphan in Basilich, a Noxian town, with his brother Darius.

However, Draven's confidence got them both into many fights which Darius won for them.

As they grew up together, Darius became a strong war leader who struck with bloody anger.

Draven and Darius from League of Legends
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Draven left the squadron that Darius armed and went his own way onto the Reckoning pits where he trained as a showman as well as a fighter.

This is where Draven's existence grew in knowledge and fans of his would gather to see him perform and play in the pit.

Draven League of Legends Abilities

Despite the high damage that Draven puts out, he has a surprisingly good CC chain which pairs perfectly with his range.

Many players can become put off by Draven due to the complex playstyle with catching axes.

However, when he is learned, his kit is brilliant and can really outrank many ADCs.

Passive Ability

LEAGUE OF DRAVEN Draven gains his fans' Adoration when he catches a Spinning Axe or kills a minion, monster, or tower. Killing enemy champions grant Draven bonus gold based on how much Adoration he has.


SPINNING AXE Draven's next attack will deal bonus physical damage. This axe will ricochet off the target high up into the air. If Draven catches it, he automatically readies another Spinning Axe. Draven can have two Spinning Axes at once.


BLOOD RUSH Draven gains increased Move Speed and Attack Speed. The Move Speed bonus decreases rapidly over its duration. Catching a Spinning Axe will refresh the cooldown of Blood Rush.


STAND ASIDE Draven throws his axes, dealing physical damage to targets hit and knocking them aside. Targets hit are slowed.

R-Ultimate ability

WHIRLING DEATHDraven hurls two massive axes to deal physical damage to each unit struck. Whirling Death slowly reverses direction and returns to Draven after striking an enemy champion. Draven may also activate this ability while the axes are in flight to cause it to return early. Deals less damage for each unit hit and resets when the axes reverse direction. Executes enemies who have less health than Draven's number of Adoration stacks.

Popular Draven ADC runes

As Draven is an ADC, starting with Lethal Tempo is a safe and brilliant way to begin to snowball playing the champion.

Triumph and Legend: Bloodline provide Draven with some really nice lifesteal which is perfect for his kit.

Draven League of Legends runes
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Next up for the primary runes is something like Last Stand which is perfect for getting that little bit of extra damage out.

Domination is key for secondary runes and most players take Eyeball Collection and Treasure Hunter.

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