LoL Developer Update - star guardian skins, midscope updates, quick play

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Star guardian Senna from League of Legends

League of Legends developers have given the community a new developer update for the rest of the year.

There are definitely some interesting bits of content coming to the game with some new skins and mid-scope updates planned.

There will even be a new thematic skinline announced at MSI 2023 with some unexpected champions getting new skins.

Additionally, some big changes to blind pick will make it s speedy as ever before.

So, let's see what Riot Brightmoon, Meddler, and Riot Pupulasers have to say about this year of gaming in League of Legends!

League of Legends 2023 Developer Updates

Here are all of the updates given by the developers!

Mid-Scope Updates

Skarner MSU 2023
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  • Rell’s midscope is still underway and you can read more about it in the dev blog
  • Neeko’s midscope is getting close, but we ran into tech challenges with her passive
  • Ivern will be receiving a midscope after Rell and Neeko with a focus on improving Daisy
  • We released a dev blog diving into Skarner’s VGU, covering art, design, and narrative

League of Legends and Wild Rift Skins

Star Guardian Orianna from League of Legends
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  • We’re exploring new skin thematics with two unique ones coming at MSI and mid-year
  • Udyr, Shyvana, and Dr. Mundo are receiving new skins soon
  • We’re aiming to bring the first batch of Wild Rift skins to League in July—this could change
  • Star Guardian Senna and Orianna are both coming to League in the first batch, along with the previously announced Star Guardian Seraphine
  • Redeemed Star Guardian Xayah and Rakan will follow later this year.

Blue Essence Emporium

  • We’re aiming to bring back Blue Essence Emporium mid-year with tech improvements

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Quick Play

  • We’re testing out Quick Play as a replacement for Blind Pick in select regions (for now)
  • Quick Play lets you choose role and champion combinations when you queue. You’ll skip Champ Select and get straight into the game

League of Legends Support

  • Starting April 4th, League will no longer be supported by 32-bit operating systems, which will affect less than 0.01% of players globally. If this does impact you, you’ll get a message in the client starting patch 13.6
  • Moving League over to 64-bit OS lets us improve features such as our security and anti-cheat and bot detection

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