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League of Legends: Deficio becomes Director of Misfits Gaming EU - What this means for the team

Deficio has been a massive figure in the League of Legends community since 2012. He has been a coach, analyst, manager, and caster.

He can now add Director to the list, as he joins Misfits Gaming EU to lead the organization's growth.

Deficio Joins Misfits Gaming EU

Deficio has a strong history of building winning rosters in League of Legends, offering quality analytical experience. But perhaps Deficio's greatest strength is fostering a positive team environment for growth.

Deficio Joins Misfits Gaming EU
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NEW SCENERY: Deficio makes the move from Origen to Misfits Gaming EU

Deficio joins Misfits on the back of a successful run with Origen in the LEC. While the team struggled in the latter half of 2020, it's clear that Deficio had a lasting positive mark on the organization which is now rebranding to Astralis.

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The timing of this move couldn't be better. Misfits Gaming EU is in prime position for a rebuild and restructure heading into 2021 - with some expiring contracts like Dan Dan alongside some recent quality signings like Kobbe.

The team is coming off a disappointing 7-11 finish in the 2020 LEC Summer Split. Along the way, though, the team showed flashes of greatness that could become more.

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With Deficio joining the team, we could see Misfits make some big roster moves heading into 2021. We could also see the organization look to build more from its academy roster, something Deficio could be important to.

Deficio as Director

Deficio's role for Misfits Gaming won't be limited to the rift.

Deficio joins Origen
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ORIGEN STORY: Deficio made his first big move outside of full-time casting by joining Origen to shape its LEC team

According to the Misfits Gaming press release on the acquisition, Deficio will also work on expanding the team's esports infrastructure.


This work will expand to other game titles, but we expect Deficio's impact to really be seen in Misfits Gaming's presence in the LEC over the next couple years.

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Much like with Origen, we expect Deficio will be able to help tailor the Misfits Gaming roster for LEC success.

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