League of Legends: Best Off-Meta Bot Lane Carries in Season 12

League of Legends bot lane is a place where anything goes... and we mean anything. From support ADCs to ADC supports, it's a wild world out there.

However, with recent updates in the game, the range of viable ADCs has stretched even further. Although, perhaps ADC is the wrong term, as we see many AP champions taking the role of carrying.

With there not really being an established meta, bot laners are free to choose who they want. But which untypical carries are strong right now in season 12?

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Bard in League of Legends

Bard seems like the most unlikely choice of ADC in this list. However, with excellent CC, attack speed for days, and a nifty escape, he fits in nicely.

Meeps are the thing that makes him strong as an ADC. Empowering his auto attacks, running into the lane as a bard with meeps is a terrifying sight. Even for the most seasoned Jhin player.

Bard from League of Legends
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Running Lethal Tempo on Bard is a typical build for his rune path. However, Fleet Footwork can provide him with the speed needed to gank other lanes. And as Bard is a champion who excels at ganks, this is also popular.


Senns was originally released as a League of Legends support. This is interesting as many people take her away from that role. The initial decision was to have a married couple of Lucian and Senna in the bot lane as ADC and support.

Senna from League of Legends
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However, as is usual, Riot fans have said a firm no to that idea and run her as ADC. A particularly fun way to play her is the starved senna model. Senns would usually pair with Tahm Kench who would take all the minions so Senna can make use of her souls.

When she has enough souls, she would then begin to farm to catch up with her enemy ADC. This was so effective that pro play was commonly seen as this way of playing her.

Ziggs in League of Legends

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Ziggs has been quite a popular off-meta ADC for a few seasons now. With all his abilities designed to hurt, he is very well suited for the League of Legends ADC role.

Ziggs from League ofm Legends
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His ability Short Fuse empowers his basic attacks and can make for some explosive plays. Empowering basic attacks is the stuff of dreams for an ADC, but pair this with long-range bombs? You're onto a winner.

Hexplosive Minefield is also incredibly useful in the bot lane. It can be used to push enemies towards your allies, disengage, or just get through walls when you’re in a rush.

Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate is one of the most experimented with champions in League of Legends. His ultimate ability means that his ganking potential is brilliant. However, all his abilities work nicely in the bot lane too.

Twisted Fate from league of Legends
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With CC for days, any engage in the bot lane can be brought to a firm stop with his gold card. Loaded dice means he can farm fast and Wild Cards is very reminiscent of a certain frost queen's ability.

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