League of Legends: Bel'Veth Ban Rate Scales Just as her Power Does

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Bel'Veth has been a hot topic since her release in League of Legends. And discussions are still happening as her ban rate is nearly reaching record levels.

Bel'Veth, the empress of the void is a terrifying champion who has proved to be an issue in-game. Due to her strength, she has become a popular ban choice and is currently sitting at number one.

Even though she received early game nerfs from Riot in patch 12.12b, her rates of banning are still soaring. Summoners really don't want to face her in the rift. And it's clear why.

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What are Bel'Veth's ban rates?

On June 28, she accumulated a 71.18% ban rate, according to lolalytics.com This is to be expected as she is a new League of Legends champion, but even then, the number is still large.

Bel'Veth in League of Legends
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Platinum players are also hitting her with a 70% ban rate. This is unprecedented in high ELO players. Champions never usually have a ban rate of 60% let alone 70%.

Why is Bel'Veth getting banned?

Despite Bel'Veth being tricky to play, once she is understood, there is no stopping her. Her early game can feel pretty weak, but that changes as soon as the coveted Kraken Slayer is brought in League of Legends.


The durability update is also still affecting the Rift massively. Because of this, Bel'Veth can make it to the late game and it even assists her scaling too.

Bel'Veth from League of Legends
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Once she has this item, she has made it into the late game. And that is where she gets very scary. Her scaling is enough to make the most seasoned League of Legends jungler shudder. Pair her scaling with her healing and immense movement speed? Then you've got yourself a very scary enemy indeed.

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