League of Legends - The Best Analytic Websites, Apps, Tools and More

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League of Legends tools

League of Legends is now well into Season 13, with huge changes still dropping with new patches. There's no better time to head into ranked and see how you match up against other players, with a ton of new content just dropping.

There are lots of third-party tools that can help you climb and improve, and they can help with runes, builds, and much more. Here are our picks for the best ones to use that will make sure you get the most out of the world's most popular MOBA title.

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Porofessor is a well-rounded statistic tool for the League of Legends. However, it also has extra features such as detailed summaries before the game starts. This can help you whittle down the opponent's strengths and weaknesses, so you know how best to punish them in lane and beyond.

League of Legends Porofessor
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In-client League of Legends analytic stats

The in-game client actually has its own stats page. This is a lot easier to work with as there isn't any extra downloading needed or account setup.

League of Legends analytics
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The statistics in the client aren't as detailed as the likes of OP.GG or mobalytics, but they can provide some interesting insight for those who want to better themselves in the game.


Mobalytics is one of the best apps around for strategy guides for League of Legends. One of the most well-known apps, the app also shows counter guides. This is particularly useful for the more seasoned players who will want to pick something to slow down their foes.

Mobalytics League of Legends
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Early Game analytics

Early Game is a newcomer to the analytical stat trackers. The app lets users create a dashboard with statistics that can be personalised. Additionally, it can show specific champions which will help to develop skills for that specific champion.

League of Legends dashboard
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OP.GG for League of Legends

OP.GG is one of the best analytic tools out there. This is definitely the fan favourite and can really get the smallest details captured. Summoners can also view the leaderboard to see where they're sitting too.

OP GG League of Legends
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