JDG sweep Rogue to advance to Lol Worlds 2022 Semifinals

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JDG Worlds 2022

Worlds 2022 is entering its finals stages, as teams now compete in best-of-fives in the Quarterfinals. First up was LPL first seed JDG vs LEC first seed Rogue, but the LPL champions were only interested in the semifinals.

Despite taking down JDG's rivals in Top Esports, Rogue simply couldn't find a footing in the series. Let's take a look at why the LPL is still considered the best region in the World.

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Rogue's Draft was Lost from Minute 1

Rogue has looked so strong at Worlds in no small part due to a great meta read and being able to draft to their strengths. Teams were yet to really target their topside, whose champion pools are easily pinched.

Graves Lol
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JDG came out the gate with a mission: get Odoamne and Malrang off comfort picks, and win through 369. They passed with flying colours. Even on the tank Gragas, 369 was able to slam through the Renekton and Vi, and together with Kanavi on Graves, it was really a 2v5 that won them Game 1.

The story of the series was very similar. With Rogue's signature picks banned, and JDG having too many to ban all of them, they were able to pivot quickly and run rings round Rogue. For LEC fans it was a stark reminder that the gap between regions at Worlds is still at an all-time high.

Larssen and Comp almost carried Rogue at times


Larssen has looked fantastic at Worlds, and this series was no different. Both on Azir and later on Leblanc, Larssen probably came closest to besting his counterpart Yagao, but once he could pick his Sylas, even mid-lane had its own gap.

Larssen Worlds 2022
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Comp too put on a decent performance in lane, his Kalista in Game 3 looking very scary as mid-game approached with 4 kills. In the end though, JDG's teamfighting often dubbed the best in the World, rendered any advantages Rogue has useless.

JDG will now advance to the Worlds semifinals next weekend and face the winners of RNG vs T1. Check out our Quarterfinal Pick'ems for who we think they'll be facing.

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