Is League of Legends on Xbox?

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League of Legends is the hugely popular MMO released by Riot Games which has recently collaborated with Xbox.

This has led the community to wonder if the game is available to play on Xbox or any other consoles.


With the huge number of champions to unlock in-game, it can be a bit offputting to new players.

However, the recent collaboration with Xbox has negated this problem for new or even veteran players.

So, let's take a look at whether LoL is on the Xbox and what collaboration means for the game.

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Is LoL Available on Xbox?

League of Legends is currently not available on any console and is strictly for PC players.

Most Riot Games stick to the PC platform as it suits their game the best.

However, there is the possibility of Valorant moving to the console along with their mobile game, Wild Rift.

Valorant on console

Most MMOs similar to LoL have the same issue with the complex nature needed for a PC.

However, the game is available on the Xbox Games Pass with a host of benefits for summoners.

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League of Legends on the Xbox Games Pass

Xbox and Riot Games have collaborated together to bring players some better perks of playing on the Xbox Games Pass.

Riot Games League of Legends and Xbox rewards

The benefits of playing on the Xbox Games Pass include...

  • All the champions unlocked in League of Legends
  • All the champions unlocked in Runeterra
  • The foundation set in Runeterra
  • Some little legends from TFT
  • All the agents in Valorant.

However, with LoL, players technically do not own the champions, so they cannot buy skins for them.

That is unless they buy the champions to get the skins too.

This was launched on December 12 2022, so players can now access these free benefits from playing through the Xbox Game Pass.