25 Sep 2020 5:21 PM +00:00

Introducing: Clash

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What is Clash?

  • Tier-based matchmaking. The aim of Clash will be to ensure that teams facing each other are evenly matched. To ensure this as much as possible, your team’s skill level will be calculated by considering the combined team’s ranked data, plus anyone’s previous Clash performances.
  • Scouting phase. This phase will kick into action shortly before Clash matches begin. During the scouting phase, you can look at your opponents’ champion preferences and their success with them. This is so you can adjust your team's strategy and your picks and bans in draft stage accordingly.
  • Split draft. Now you can draft just like the pros! In phase one of champion select each team will ban three champions and then pick three. In phase two teams will ban two champions and pick their final two champs.
  • Entry via Tickets. If you want to take part in Clash, each member of your team will have to use at least one Ticket to enter, although more can be used to increase your rewards. Tickets will be available to purchase with Blue Essence, Riot Points, or as a mission reward. 
  • Anti-smurfing system. Riot has been quiet on how exactly this system will work, but more information should be released in 2018 about how any potential smurfs can be rooted out of this game mode.

Why is Clash being introduced?

Are there any rewards?

Sounds good, when can I play?