25 Sep 2020 5:22 PM +00:00

How teams (and Riot) are recreating the Korean boot camp

(Image Credit: Riot Games)

The 2018 World Championship is coming! With that, many Western teams have already taken the first customary step to prepare for the event. Of course, I’m talking about the Korean boot camp. 

The boot camp practice is widespread, and competitive powerhouses like TSM, Fnatic, Immortals, G2 Esports have all spoken out on how much better it is to train in South Korea compared to their home regions. 

For one, Korea has always been regarded as the mecca of esports, so it’s only natural that the region is home to the best teams to ever play the game. On top of that, the Korean Solo Queue receives a lot of praise for its low ping and competitive nature. In fact, the halo surrounding it is so dazzling that the likes of Rekkles and Goldenglue went on solitary pilgrimages to Seoul in an effort to supercharge their practice. 

But lower ping and better Solo Queue aren’t the only things that make Korean boot camps effective. There are other factors at play here, and Western teams (and Riot Games) are already trying to recreate them in their regions. 

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