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30 Sep 2018

Gambit’s struggle to rebuild their legacy

Gambit’s struggle to rebuild their legacy

Worlds 2018 will be Gambit's third opportunity to prove themselves. We look back at the organization and its attempts to live up to the Moscow Five legacy.

Image Credit: Riot Games

What do you see in Gambit Esports? For most old-school fans, the answer is obvious. They see a successor, a team that inherited the unwavering will of the Moscow Five lineup. They see back-to-back victories at 2012 IEM VI Kiev and 2012 IEM VI World Championship, as well as top-4 finishes at events like 2012 Dreamhack Summer, Season 2 Worlds, and IPL5. They see a legacy. 

And that legacy makes the current iteration of Gambit Esports pale in comparison.