Upset and Hylissang are COVID free, but Fnatic is Still Missing a Player

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Fnatic Upset and Hyli

Fnatic, for the second year in a row, are facing a Worlds without their full team. Coming in as EU's third seed, they will have to begin their play-ins journey from tomorrow.

On their 10th Worlds Appearance, the most of any team, and with one of the most experienced rosters at Worlds, the spotlight will be on Fnatic to see if they can overcome their challenges. Here's what's happened to the star-studded lineup.

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Fnatic have not been Scrimming

It emerged last week through leaks that Fnatic, despite being only days from Worlds, were cancelling scrims with other teams. This came as a shock to fans, who expected Fnatic to be doing everything they could.

As it turned out though, Fnatic's bot lane of Upset and Hylissang, often dubbed the best in the west, were out having tested positive for Covid-19.

Fnatic were forced to bring in Bean, who played last Worlds after Upset stepped down for personal reasons, and Rhuckz, from their academy team. They would be practising with the team in Upset and Hyli's place, but fans were concerned they may have to fill in at Worlds.

Upset is Back - Hylissang is on his way


Much to the relief of Fnatic fans, management provided an update to the situation on Twitter.

While Upset will rejoin the team for tonight's games, Hyli will be replaced by Rhucks until Friday.

Fnatic has been pegged by many as the favourites for group A, and fans will have to hope the lack of team practice does not hurt their performance. With the easier group, failure to qualify for the Group Stage would be a disaster.

Watch Fnatic match up against Evil Geniuses and Chiefs later tonight on the LOL Esports Live stream.

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