Fnatic Collapse in Week 2 of Lol Worlds Group Stage

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Fnatic Worlds

League of Legends Worlds has been a rollercoaster ride for many teams, with wins coming in very unexpected places. Fnatic was one of the biggest surprises in week 1, taking down T1 in the group of death.

In week two though, Fnatic's plot armour seems to finally have shown a chink. The second Group A round-robin seems to have stuck religiously to the script, to Fnatic's demise. Here's how it went down.

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North America is finally on the board thanks to Cloud 9

Cloud 9 finally showed some life at Worlds, and it could not have come at a worse time for Fnatic. North America had failed to take a single tier two tower in week one, but now they took a nexus.

Cloud 9 Worlds
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Jensen and Berzerker showed their prowess with exceptional carry performances, and simply outplayed Fnatic. Hylissang's attempt at Trymbi's signature Soraka fell flat, as did most of the plays Fnatic tried to create.

The Humanoid Show is Cancelled


Caedrel was on the desk but today it was the Humanoid show that was cancelled. T1 went for the jugular in draft, banning Humanoid's control mages in Azir and Viktor which he had carried on in Worlds groups thus far.

Worlds Azir
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Fnatic's mid-laner was also shut down in the mid-game, where despite an early lead, Faker's Sylas was omnipresent and outshined Humanoid. Fnatic could barely move, and T1 looked back on form with a decisive victory.

EDG locked quarter Finals with a no-less decisive win, building a lead early and slowly shutting Fnatic out. Meiko's Thresh has looked insane all day, sniping the back-line with hooks and no doubt shooting for another Worlds Skin.

EDG now face T1 for the all-important 1st seed from Group A.

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