Fnatic Narrowly Defeat DFM to keep the LEC Undefeated at Worlds 2022

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Fnatic Team

Fnatic hasn't had a textbook start to Worlds, but for the LEC 3rd seed they will not be complaining. Now 3-0 up and leading Play-ins Group A, they have made a statement on the International Stage.

Although many pegged them as favourites following the group draw, recent struggles and covid issues mean the team hasn't been able to scrim as they'd have hoped. Despite this though, they remain uncontested.


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Hylissang is a Guaranteed Heart Attack for Fnatic Fans

Everyone's favourite psychopath support has returned, and true to form, he was the first death on his team, overcommitting in the early lane and paying the price.

Hylissang Fnatic

This was the story of the early game for Fnatic. Several close skirmishes went the way of DFM, with Yutapon being the benefactor of early gold. Evi also shined in the top lane, solo-killing Wunder.

As plates fell at 14 minutes, Fnatic fans were holding their breath. Scaling was on the side of DFM, and with a slight early game lead, plus the first dragon, it seemed like the LJL representative's game to lose.

Fnatic bailed out by Humanoid and Teamfighting

Fortunately for European fans, while side lanes were going awry, Humanoid was patiently farming and scaling in mid-lane on LeBlanc. As the mid-game hit, he came online quickly, able to dish out incredible poke damage, and kneecap DFM.


Upset also came online as the game progressed. Able to maintain a CS lead on Kai'sa, despite losing lane, as teamfights broke out he was able to link up with Humanoid. The two together could explode a target in seconds, opening the door for Fnatic to advance.

Fnatic's journey to groups is not done yet. They still have to face Beyond Gaming and LOUD, both of whom look on form. They do at least remain in good stead for at least a tiebreaker match.