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Fantasy LCS: Top 3 NA players of week 3

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Another great week for the NA LCS is in the books! TSM finish week 3 on a hot streak and hand 100 Thieves their second loss. CLG earn their first undefeated week of the year with a victory over FlyQuest. Locodoco was fired from Golden Guardians for an inappropriate comment toward a Riot staffer…things were pretty interesting.

Echo Fox, Team SoloMid, and Team Liquid hold the most fantasy podium-positions for this week. Here are the top three NA players in their respective positions for week 3:


Hauntzer: 32 points 

TSM may have finally broken their curse from previous weeks, defeating 100 Thieves and Golden Guardians for a 2-0 weekend. In both matches Hauntzer played Gankplank which contributed global pressure for their win condition: Zven and Mithy. 

Huni: 29 points 


“Huni is the best.” (Huni, 2018.) Echo Fox could not squeeze out a win this week against Counter Logic Gaming, but Huni still dominated in his role. Playing Gangplank and Gnar, his match stats were 5/5/10.

Licorice: 27 points

A player many analysts were skeptical about, Licorice was the third-best performing NA LCS top-laner in week 3. C9 had a relatively easy week, facing Optic and Clutch Gaming, so we will have to see if he can hold his position against stronger opponents. 


Xmithie: 40 points

Xmithie’s fantasy score this week is significantly greater than his peers, earning 40 points in his two victories against FlyQuest and Golden Guardians. The ultimate support jungler, his stats were 1/0/21.

Dardoch: 32 points 

The dark horse of LCS joins his top lane partner as a number-two performer in his respective role for week 3. Dardoch’s Gragas allowed for Echo Fox to gain an early lead against CLG, but a poor team fight at Elder Drake still lost them the game. 

MikeYeung: 27 points 

MikeYeung was criticized last week for playing too passively in the early game. His dragon control versus 100 Thieves this Sunday aided in their victory, but there is still much to be desired from this junior LCS jungler. Still, he weighs in third from the jungle.



Pobelter: 58 points 

Poebelter dominated his role this week, earning 20 more points than the second-best player. With two easy matches, he will have to fight for his position in next weeks’ games against Cloud9 and Eco Fox. 

Fenix: 38 points 

To little surprise, Fenix makes this weeks’ top three fantasy mid laners due to a swift victory against Optic Gaming and a close loss to CLG. 

Bjergsen: 34 points 

As TSM begins to ramp up in future weeks, Bjergsen may play a larger role in the teams’ success. In a surprising Taliyah matchup against Ryu on Twisted Fate, Bjerger King ended the game with a 7/1/4 scoreline. He ends up third in the mid.


Doublelift: 42 points 


Doublelift and Olleh appear to have improved upon any issues that they were having in previous weeks, as discussed in TL’s recent team video. While not able to outperform Pobelter in damage, his flash key appears to be binded again, leading to solid outplays in the bot lane. 

Altec: 36 points 

Another second-place finish by Echo Fox! It will be interesting to see if Altec remains on the podium after what should be a 1-1 week four against Golden Guardians and Team Liquid.

Cody Sun: 32 points 

Another player who has been heavily critiqued by analysts, the young Cody Sun pulls out a third-place fantasy finish over Sneaky. 


Olleh: 33 points 

Olleh joined strong performances from Doublelift as the pair run the bot lane fantasy points across the board. Not too shabby. Team Liquid's bot lane is looking better than ever and the NA LCS is on notice. 

Adrian: 30 points


In their match against CLG, Altec’s Thresh felt very underwhelming. Thankfully, his game on Braum helped his team to victory against Optic, and led to a second place fantasy points finish this week. 

Mithy: 23 points 

Mithy beats C9 Smoothie to the third-place fantasy position this week. With TSM winning 2-0 in week 3, it’s interesting to not see the highly regarded Zven-Mithy combo in their respective first-place fantasy positions, replaced by the Team Liquid boys instead. We'll see if they can pull it back for week 4.

That's it for fantasy LCS rankings this week! Stay tuned to RealSport for all things League of Legends.

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