Evil Geniuses Take 2 Wins on Day 2 of Worlds Play-Ins, Kaori Steps Up for Danny

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EG and Fnatic

Evil Geniuses are finally showing some fight at the 2022 World Championships. After a rough day 1, and a loss against Fnatic, they returned for day 2 with a fresh attitude and made a statement.

Being eliminated before groups would be a disaster for the LCS spring champions, with many considering it the easier group. EG now sit in a comfortable second place though, and are looking favourable for at least a tie-breaker game.


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Kaori is Stepping up For Danny on EG

Kaori might not be the new Prince of Pentakills just yet, but in such a pressured environment the academy AD Carry is holding his own. His Kalista performance vs LOUD was excellent, showing early game dominance in lane.

Kaori EG

While his Aphelios was more muted against BYG, Kaori did his job and did it well. While Jojo popped off on the Sylas in mid, he sat back, farmed and scaled, and was instrumental in the final team fight to take the game.

EG look set to take at least a tie breaker match to get to group stage. How Kaori wil fare once the pressure ramps up remains to be seen, but so far he is a true asset to the team.

Evil Geniuses' Supporting Cast of Inspired, Vulcan, and Impact

Inspired and Impact have been arguably the best top-side in the LCS for some time, and continue to dominate at Worlds. Impact's Worlds Title, and veterancy help him maintain composure under pressure, and he is a rock for the team in the top lane and in fights.

Impact and Inspired EG

Inspired, coming from Rogue in the LEC has also displayed extraordinary prowess. Little happens on EG without his involvement, and his 2v2 with Jojopyun is hard to beat.

Vulcan has done an exemplary job of changing ADCs in a changing meta. A veteran himself, he is synonymous with the support role in North America.

EG will face the Chiefs later tonight, in what should be an easier game to help them continue to contest the top of Group A.