Evil Geniuses Peter Dun set to Join Heretics as Head Coach for LEC New Season

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Peter Dun has undoubtedly been a huge part of Evil Geniuses' rise up the LCS, including representing NA at MSI and making it to Worlds Groups. Referred to as the Evil Mastermind from the team, he's managed a big mix of old veterans like Impact and new rookies like Jojopyun, to great success.

After 2 years though, it looks like Peter Dun may be returning to EU, where he oversaw the transition of Splyce to Mad Lions. Here's everything we know so far about the move.


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Peter Dun Joining Heretics

According to sources of Blix.gg, Peter Dun will be joining the new LEC team in 2023 as their head coach. Certainly no stranger to the role, Peter Dun has quite the list of accolades to his name, but as Coach transfers are more rare than players, Heretics have done very well to pick up one of the best free agents out there.

After a disappointing Worlds performance, falling last in their group, Evil Geniuses are replacing their coaching staff in its entirety according to a tweet from the org.


Whether Evil Geniuses Player roster remains the same, we will have to see, but with a new coaching staff expect the dynamics of the team to change considerably. Peter Dun will be hoping to replicate some of his NA success in the new Heretics Roster.

Heretics LEC roster 2023

So far we have very little information about the Heretics Roster in the coming year. Peter Dun will come in as head coach, but the main team is still in the tryouts phase for now.


Jackspectra is the only confirmed element so far. Having spent a number of years in the ERLs, and a year on Heretics' LVP team, he is undoubtedly one of the most promising ADC talents Europe has to offer. Together with Peter Dun he will no doubt make an impact on the LEC.