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EU LCS Power Rankings: 2018 Spring Split round-up

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Now that the 2018 EU LCS Spring Split has finished, we have time to sit back and take stock of how each team fared in the league. Below we list the final standings for each of the teams during the Split and consider how well they performed compared to expectations at the start of the Split. 

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1. Fnatic

This Spring Split has been good to Fnatic. With Rekkles and Caps on insane form, few teams have been able to stand up to them on the Rift. Although it took until week four of the regular split to get going, Fnatic haven’t looked back since their seven-game win streak between weeks four and six. Even though they suffered a few knocks during the split, with sOAZ’s hand injury being a notable example, Fnatic have continued to play well as a team, and have gelled well with top lane substitute Bwipo.

All eyes will be on them for MSI and Rift Rivals in the coming months.

2. G2 Esports

G2 Esports were the defending champions coming into this Spring Split, having won every split since 2016. However, with a significant roster change coming into this split, there were questions as to whether G2 could hold on to their title. Although remaining member and “Mr. G2” Perkz impressed in mid lane, other new signings, such as ADC Hjarnan, were subject to more criticism.

Although G2 made it relatively unscathed to playoffs, the critics were ultimately proven right as G2 lost out in the finals in a 3-0 loss against Fnatic. We will have to see whether the team can regroup and come out fighting for Rift Rivals and the Summer Split.


3. Splyce

Splyce were generally expected to reach the upper half of the table when the changes to their roster were announced, and they should be happy with a third-place finish. Their success has been down to a strong coaching staff, with coach Peter Dun being awarded the coach of the Split, as well as good synergy between the new roster. Xerxe was effective in the jungle, particularly on Zac, and Kobbe and KaSing did a great job down in bot lane. Now we just need to wait and see how Splyce perform at Rift Rivals. 

4. Vitality

Vitality came out of nowhere to dominate the EU LCS this Spring Split. Their rookie roster was not expected to perform anywhere near as well as Vitality managed, and week after week in the regular split Vitality pulled it out of the bag. With the help of Jiizuke, the rookie of the split, in mid lane, as well as solid performances by Minitroupax in bot lane, Vitality stormed to a 7-1 lead in the EU LCS by week 4.

Despite a fall in form towards the end of the split, the team gained enough wins to see them through to the playoffs, where they ultimately lost out to Fnatic in the semi-finals. Although they missed a place at Rift Rivals, be very excited about what this team will bring to the Summer Split.

5. H2k

H2k had a tough start to their Spring Split and fell down the leaderboard fast. However, with a few smart roster changes, they turned their fortunes around, signing Selfie in mid lane and Shook in the jungle. The “Shook effect” really took hold for H2k, and they found their way into playoffs. Although they couldn’t take out Vitality in the quarterfinals, they should be happy that they rescued their split.


Although ROCCAT didn’t make it past the quarterfinals in playoffs, they should be pleased with their result this split. Even making it to playoffs was a huge achievement for them, having not made the grade since 2015. There’s also a lot to praise to give when it comes to their roster. Norskeren, for example, had a great debut on support, reaching third-place in the rookie of the split votes. Let’s see if they can keep up their momentum in the Summer Split.


7. Misfits Gaming

Following their performance at worlds, everyone had high expectations for Misfits. At a minimum, many predicted that Misfits would reach the playoffs, and may even be contenders for that coveted first place trophy.

However, losing PowerOfEvil and IgNar clearly took a toll on the team, as at times their performances were shaky, with questionable plays abound. Although they consistently won against Fnatic and other highly placed teams, Misfits struggled against lower ranked teams, and this ultimately cost them their spot in playoffs.

With a long break before Summer Split starts, let’s hope that Misfits find their spark again when we next see them on the Rift.

8. FC Schalke 04

Schalke were another team that had a shaky start to their split. Their ADC, Upset, was too ill to play during their first week of games, meaning their coach had to sub in to play alongside the team. Despite having some exciting names on their roster, such as Pride and Nukeduck, no-one on Schalke really lifted off during this Split, leaving them with an eighth-place finish.

9. Giants Gaming

Giants were not widely expected to do well this split and unfortunately, they have proven many critics right. However, there were good moments during the split for the team. Ruin in top lane had great outplays during the beginning of the split, and Betsy has been a solid mid laner for the team. However, they will need to regroup before the Summer Split and figure out how they will make their mark on the Rift.

10. Unicorns of Love

Unicorns really struggled at the beginning of the split, losing seven games out of eight at the start of the split. However, Unicorns pulled it back and fought for a five-game winning streak, which even put them in contention for a potential playoffs spot. Although it was not to be, Unicorns will have to be content with achieving such a comeback and refocus their efforts on the Summer Split.

Where do you think the teams will place in the Summer Split? Let us know in the comments below!

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