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Evil Geniuses Win Tiebreakers vs DFM and LOUD to save Groups Chances at Worlds 2022

Inspired EG Worlds 2022

Evil Geniuses have had a tricky start to Worlds. After losing their star AD Carry Danny before the LCS finals, they fell early to Fnatic On Day 1 of Play-Ins.

For the North American MSI Representatives, not qualifying to Groups would be a disaster, so the stakes could not be higher for EG. Here's the story of the ups and downs of EG's Day 4 of Worlds 2022.

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DFM has EG's Number Early On

Things looked for for Evil Geniuses early in game 1. After a close and quiet ealry game, they managed to acquire a kill lead and two drakes heading into mid game. Inspired and Impact made a fantastic duo as usual, punishing Steal's oversteps.

Yutapon's Sivir though was scaling patiently in the background, and looked to be an inevitability. In the mean time, Evi's Gnar with Yummi strapped to his back was able to wreak havoc, being unkillable on the front line.

DFM win vs EG
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As EG took baron and tried to escape in the late game, Yutapon arrived. EG were rooted in place and mowed down by DFM, to take the game and draw the two teams level in the standings.

Tiebreakers: Evil Geniuses vs DFM and LOUD

Against DFM first, EG learned from their mistakes. They had DFM's number from early on, predicting a 2v2 play in the bot lane and answering with a surprise appearance from Inspired.

EG Impact and Inspired
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Despite creative picks, DFM struggled to recover, and slowly fell behind for the loss. They will now face LOUD tonight in the qualification bracket.

Against LOUD it was a similar story. Despite beating Fnatic only a day before, the Brazilian team never seemed to find footing. Impact's Mordekaiser pick paid dividends, going 3-0 up after only 10 minutes.

Despite a failed bot dive and mistakes here and there, EG were able to slowly gain advantages and close out their 3rd game of the day. Gaining the coveted 2nd seed in Group A, they will now face the winner of SGB vs MAD on Tuesday, which will be no easy task.

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